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    I just want someone that has done work like this before and what they achieved


    A site has a total 300 backlinks all banklinks are from 0 - 1 PR sites and 150 of them backlinks are using a anchor text for one keyword. This site ranks number one in google for that keyword and the site has a PR 3.

    Would i be able to beat this with a few high PR backlinks as all the other site has backlinks from 0 - 1 PR sites??

    Thats based around me having a new site with high quality SEO article based around that keyword.

    Im looking for replys from people that have done it..

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    The linking isn't an issue as far as page rank for your position in the search results as much as for your own page authority until that authority has reached a peak level that gets attention from the search engines for the strength of authority your site is pulling on its own.

    If you want to beat the site in position for the keyword you are targeting, it would be a solid to worry about that relevance of the backlinks and the content on those sites, as well as the quality of content on your own site.

    There is a new update that happened in Nov. and it is proving to be more streamlined towards the overall impact and depth level of the content. If it is general content that you can get anywhere, it isn't going to hold as well as a personal, unique twist and extended technique or tactic utilized in action.

    It isn't just about beating them in the backlinks but in the unique and advancement of your content within your niche.

    These days, it isn't about just throwing up a site and promoting it with junk content you find but specializing and taking over a niche market as the top dog within that arena.

    Hope that helps.
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    What ever you do, do not forget to use more then one keywords.
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    I think you have your work cut out for you. You will need more than a few backlinks to start outranking that site. It sends up a red flag that they have 150 links all with the same anchor text. If they have not been penalized for this already I would say it could bite them in the butt soon. That's way too many links to have with the same anchor text, especially if it's a keyword phrase.

    Vary your anchor text and don't always go after do-follow links. Reach out to webmasters who have similar sites as you or in a complementary industry and try and get backlinks from them. Guest blogging is also a good opportunity to build backlinks. It will take you some time but you should be able to outrank your competitor.

    Here is some good info on link building,

    Hope that helps you,