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Help with making money on instagram

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by instaesthetics, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. instaesthetics

    instaesthetics Newbie

    Apr 7, 2016
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    wandup blackhatworld,

    i havent been on this site in months after my first tread i posted.
    at the time i had 20k followers and really no idea how instagram worked ( this was about 5 months ago )
    the last 2 months my followers en likes shot up insane, yesterday i past a 100k followers and already got 103k right now ( I've never bought followers or something. ) my likes on post verify from 1k to 20k.
    i do think it is time for me that i got some money back from the hours i put in this account. but here is the thing.
    iam on like 7 sites where u can buy shoutouts for a few months now, and i only got a total of 6 shoutouts but these where also months ago?

    i don't really know how to do anything else so thats why i came here...
    hope some of y'all can help :)
    my account is: instaesthetics ( gym lifestyle niche )

    greetings Thom,
  2. xsshaxor

    xsshaxor Junior Member

    Mar 2, 2012
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    Dollar Crafter
    Hi man, congrats on your success.

    Try and see if you can build an online platform around your account.
    For example, a fitness guide website - sharing nutrition tips & workouts.

    Then push some Fitness affiliate offers from clickbank for example.

    If you can make your IG page to a genuine authority brand where people
    come to find info about fitness, you can do a whole lot with promoting / selling

    Forget about doing cheap shoutouts and focus on building authority
    and promoting / selling good products. It's better in the long run.