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    Okay so i've been reading as much as I can on seo and link building and have been putting it to work on my own website and have seen an increase in PA, DA, and MR and MT as well as some increases in rankings for my keywords.

    I wanted you guys to critique my link building plan and see if there is anything I'm missing, not getting right or anything I should add

    Link Building Plan

    • Guest Posting on relevant blogs
    • Quality Content for own Blog (Should I be link building for each blog post as well?)
    • Directory Submissions
    • Local Directory Submissions
    • Blog Commenting (on relevant blogs)
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Social Media
    • Article Directories
    • Relevant Forum Profiles (Mainly for related traffic)
    • Web 2.0 Profiles:
    • Wikispaces, Xanga, Weebly, Blogspot, etc
    • Create 1-2 infographics and distribute to infographic directories, as well as outreach for placement on relevant blogs

    Also for content I haven't been using any manually or software to spin the content, I've been creating unique content for each profile which is turning out to be a lot of article writing. Do you recommend hand spinning the articles first then using software such as bestspinner to spin the content? Or should I avoid spinning in genernal and just focus on producing as much quality content as possible?

    Add 1-2 Articles on each web 2.0 profiles for content, should I be adding more content to each web 2.0 profile?

    now this is where I haven't put too much emphasis in, which is link building for my web 2.0 profiles, tier 2 link building and I wanted a little clarification on this

    Okay so from what I have been reading it's important to build links to your web 2.0 profiles constantly to increase authority of the page and thus links

    Web 2.0 Link Building
    -Blog Commenting
    -Social Bookmarking
    -Directory submissions

    How many links should I ideally build for each web 2.0 profile for high competition keywords?

    Also is there a general rule of thumb or guideline for anchor text? I've been trying to ensure that I have a diverse anchor text profile and using keyword variations as well

    Also I know that .edu and .gov links will greatly help my link profile, what is the best method of obtaining .edu and .gov links? I've been reading this article
    learn-how-get-free-articles-edu-domains-w-backlinks-tutorial-method that was posted on BHW

    would this be an acceptable method for .edu and .gov link building?

    Also I have been seeing some people saying that it's useful to have document sharing/pdf links as well, can someone please explain how you obtain links from this method or a good how to