Help with filling up Market leverage US bank refernce form.

Discussion in 'CPA' started by blackfalcon, Jan 13, 2010.

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    I thought of applying to Market Leverage. But for my country they need me fill up and US bank reference form and only then they will consider the application.

    Here is the link to the reference form:

    I need some help with filling up this form because i have some confusions in what i need to enter the fields.

    There is a field for Name of Primary bank in home country:

    and the information regarding the banks address,swiftcode,contact no,etc.

    i have no problems with these. But they have one more field called Name of U.S. bank in home country: and again they are asking for details of address and contact no. for that bank.

    So what i should enter here ? The bank i have an account right now is one of the national banks of my country under the government. I had accounts with banks like citi and standard charted but i don't use them and mostly they should be closed(i have not checked them).

    So let me know what i need to enter in that field. You help will be highly appreciated