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    Jul 10, 2015
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    Noob here so please pardon my ignorance. So mid-Aug I thought I would try making a wallpaper wordpress site. This is my first website ever. So read about this a lot and looked like the wallpaper site would be the easiest to make and I can also try the SEO methods on it.
    To make matters worse, I now have downloaded a huge chunk of wallpapers (think >100gb) and use a paid wallpaper theme which takes the high quality image as a single upload and stores in different sizes for users to download. Now the upload has been painstakingly slow even using a bulk upload plugin as it also saves every image in different size and make a post automatically. I have hardly uploaded 25% of the images and I am at max file usage (300k with the namecheap ultimate plan).
    I might be doing something completely wrong and thought I would ask the more knowledgeable people here.

    Short Version: Maxed file usage (limited to 300k with namecheap ultimate plan) with a wallpaper site and have barely uploaded 25%.

    What would you have done? Is there a way to not make all these different size images and still offer different sizes? Cloud storage (have box, live at 100gb each)I am open to all ideas. Trying to minimize my expenses as this was supposed to be a test bed. Namecheap has a business plan with higher file usage limit (600k) but its too expensive.
    Thanks in advance.