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    Hello guys,

    First of all, I want to thank you for this wonderful community. As a complete newbie, I've learned a lot just by reading some of the posts here. After reading some posts in this forum, I decided to try to earn money through CPA. I then applied for Azoogleads and since I am not living in an english-speaking country, they sent me a set of questions instead of calling me.

    However, I have no experience in CPA networks so I really don't know how to answer this in a way that I will be qualified for their network. So if it's okay with you, can you help me in answering some of these questions?

    I'm planning to use youtube as a traffic source BTW.

    Here are the questions they sent to me:


    International Applicant Questionnaire for AzoogleAds
    Because of time and/or language differences with international applicants,
    we ask you to fill out this questionnaire instead of completing a phone interview.

    Please answer ALL questions that pertain to you. Thank you!

    Why are you coming to Azoogle?
    ? How did you hear about AzoogleAds?
    ? What do we have to offer that is of interest to you (i.e. better payment terms/methods, exclusive offers, etc.)?

    Tell us about your traffic!
    ? What is your traffic type (i.e. Search, Email, Banner, etc.)?
    ? What verticals do you work in? (Note: What do they mean by 'verticals'?)
    ? Are you looking for specific offers? If so, what are they?
    ? Do you run International and/or US offers?
    ? Do you offer any incentives for the completion of offers? If so, what kinds of incentives?
    ? Do you buy media from any other sources, or are you planning to run our offers through another domain besides the one(s) you currently own? If so, where do you buy your media?
    ? How many/what other Networks are you currently working with?
    ? What is your current monthly revenue with other networks?
    ? What solutions are you looking for from us to help grow your business to new levels?

    Let?s get a bit more specific?
    ? If you are interested in Search campaigns?
    o What types of offers do you run with other networks?
    o What has been your most successful campaign?
    o Please email us a screenshot of a sample landing page that you have used

    ? If you are interested in Email campaigns?
    o Where do you get your email lists?
    o How big are your email lists?
    o How often do you or are you planning to do email drops?
    o If you didn?t provide your IP address on your application, please do so now:

    ? If you are interested in Web/Banners?
    o What types of offers are you interested in running with us?
    o What has been your most successful campaign?
    o Please confirm the site(s) that you plan to run banners on
    o If your domain(s) are privately registered, you will need to email us a receipt from your domain registrar or a screenshot of your online management panel?something showing the domain name and your name and address?so that we can verify ownership
    o Please also note that we do not accept sites under construction

    ? If you are interested in another type of traffic?
    o Please tell us about how you generate traffic, what types of offers you plan to run, and what experiences you?ve had in the past with this traffic type.
    o If you listed ?contextual? traffic on your application, please explain what you mean by this


    I don't expect you to give the exact answer to each question. Just give me an idea on how to answer this that will make me qualify in their network. Thanks again, any help would be highly appreciated. :)
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