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    Hello Guys,

    So.. I want to Bulk spin with The Best Spinner, but can you please tell me the best options?

    Because I think that when I bulk spin, it makes my articles with TOTALLY no sense in them..

    When I use the "Auto Rewrite" button i think that it's better..

    So.. I spin like this:

    I open The Best Spinner > After that I press the button for Bulk spinning > After That I choose "Auto Select Synonymous" And After that It shows a menu [​IMG]
    What options should I choose here for BEST spinned articles ?
    After I select some synonimus it makes my articles in {text|texts} > After that I go again on the Bulk Spin Button, and I choose Generate Spun Articles > And it makes me a Folder called spun and there are my articles.

    But Please, tell me what should my options be for BEST SPINNING BULK ARTICLES.

    Thank you very much guys! I hope that someone will help me on this :(

    Best Regards,
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    With TBS it's only really decent if you make your own thesaurus and just use that. I dumped it for Spinchimp, which also has bulk spin and it's a bit easier. You just tell them to global spin and then set global spin settings to spin with best quality and 'fullspin' POS match. When you bulk spin you can also set it up so you get some plain texts (similar to auto rewrite) as well as spin ready for articleranks and AMR which are the two big ones I use.

    But yeah, auto tbs spin is most often going to come out unreadable. You cant really avoid that