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    Feb 7, 2009
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    I'm new to internet marketing (but good at coding).
    I recently got a blog from a friend who says he's no longer interested on it.
    The blog gets 200-300 unique from Search engines (making me few bucks from Adsense), but this is not the blog potential :eyebrows:
    The blog has a good number of readers, each new post gets around 1,000 unique, but with adsense those views doesn't convert to money
    readers are interested and read well the blog articles so I thought of Affiliate Marketing :detective Blog Traffic is 80% from USA, Europe and they are $$$ people who pays... :shakehand

    So I'll be looking for an affiliate program that
    • Offers good products (like high tech phones, special web 2 services...)
    • NO CRAP products like Ebooks and get Rich Quick
    • Payment method: moneybookers (i can also use paypal but perfer MB), no problem with checks

    Also looking for your tips on how to make the best of my traffic :fuckyou:
    Thanks BHW