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    I was wondering if anybody had any advice or had faced this problem themselves.

    I am logging into a website via a webbrowser in order to grab the relevent cookies that i want (Cant do webrequest because it uses ajax and javascript to login)

    Once it is logged in i want to get the cookies it sets to allow me to webrequest some further

    I cant seem to set the cookiecontainer to be the cookies from the webbrowser.

    Any advice?
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    Something like this should do it:
    Dim cookies as new cookiecontainer
    Dim WebBrowserCookies = newBrowser.Document.Cookie
    Dim SplitCookies() as string = split(WebBrowserCookies, "; ")
    For each tmpcookie as string in SplitCookies
    	if tmpcookie = nothing then continue for
    	cookies.Add(New Uri("http://site.com"), New Cookie(Split(tmpcookie,"=")(0), Split(tmpcookie,"=")(1)))
    End For
    Edit: Forgot to note, if the cookie could possibly contain an = symbol simply join the rest of the array values after 0 to create the true cookie value.
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