Help wanted in setting up an offline/online business concerning ozone generators

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    Hello BHW'ers

    Some time ago now.. I bought an ozone generator for the purpose of extracting unwanted smells through a ducting system, it cost a small fortune but it had faults - the main fault being it wasn't producing enough ozone. The OG was run with ultra violet bulbs so decided to change to corona discharge (both ultra violet and corona discharge produce ozone) This improved the situation but still wasn't as powerful as it needed to be.
    so I made my own. They worked so well I began selling them to my downline for cost plus expenses
    I got a little website made to showcase them, no cart, just for show.

    Now I would like to sell them to the general public but I don't really know where to start, I have mentioned them to suppliers of this kind of machine and maybe due to the competition (There is only one) they have all expressed a desire to stock them.
    Ok I got a simple website and every part used to make them is EU approved but there must be some tests/certification they have to pass as ozone is a dangerous gas.

    I'm hoping fingers crossed that someone here may know something about taking this up a level.
    I'm open to any suggestions/idea's good or bad.. hell you can even mock/slate down the idea, in the end any contributions will be taken on board.

    Thanks for reading