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    Hi, im not sure if i posted this in the right area or not sorry if its wrong.

    Im trying to understand the legal risks behind drop-shipping 'Inspired/Replica' products such as shoes. Ill give you an example.
    If a china supplier creates a shoe that looks like a name brand one. The design/shape/style is the same but it doesn't have the logo or brand on it anywhere. There could be small differences when viewing the real vs replica item in person but from pictures it will look the same.

    Can the brand still take action based on the fact that it visually looks the same even though it doesn't have the branding on the shoe. Also if i was to sell these by NOT claiming they are the "brand" shoes. If i say they are custom inspired products. Do not say any brands or try to imply they are the brands. Does this protect me in any way? Or is it simply since they look the same the brand can take action to get me to remove my site and even sue?

    The supplier is also able to list these specific shoes on eBay, eBay hasn't removed their listing and there are multiple like it so does that show that they are allowed to sell them? or ebay just hasn't looked into their listing yet perhaps.

    Thank you