Help the people who live on the Gulf and NEVER have another Paypal chargeback!

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    OK. So, if you all have ever had a buyer dispute an honest (hopefully) transaction at Paypal; and you lost out your cash and/or merchandise, you know; it SUCKS! Not only that, but even if you win the dispute, jumping through the hoops still sucks, just not as much.

    A simple manner of stopping this from ever happening is to promise to donate part of any sale to a charity and give an option to donate to a great charity, such as the Gulf relief.

    On your sales page, have two buttons, one for "buy now" with no donation, and one with "donate". Then say, "it's up to you, buy this 50 dollar product for 50 dollars and I keep the cash, or buy the 50 dollar product for 50 dollars, and I will donate 5 to help the Gulf crises sufferers (or whatever charity). Just click the appropriate button".

    Then you just add both buttons to the sales page.

    What kind of a RHINOCEROS DICK would want you to NOT donate to a good cause and keep all of the cash for yourself? So they click the "donate" button and NOT the "buy now" button. And when a donation is made via Paypal, the donation is FINAL!


    -Elaborate enough on the charity that when a buyer sees a "donate" Paypal button, along with a "Buy Now" button, they are not confused and they are like, "yeah sure x% of this goes to charity, I will click donate".

    -Don't be a RHINOCEROS DICK yourself and actually donate some money. In all reality, the people suffering on the Gulf could use some help.

    -Don't use this method to scam money from people. Use it to protect yourself from people who may be too quick to dispute; aka: RHINOCEROS DICKS!
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