[HELP] targeting long tail keywords (how?)

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    hey guys! needed a little help. i was wondering how do i target long tail keywords on my blog? how do i write articles for that?

    for example if i wanted to target a particular word i would repeat that multiple times in my articles and add it in my meta tags.

    but what do i do when i want to include a string of words, a phrase? do i repeat the entire phrase multiple times? will it ensure that the entire phrase is included as a keyphrase by google and not just the individual words?

    i was hoping there was an ebook on this somewhere, but i'd appreciate any kind of suggestions

    Vezance Xocobs
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    No need to repeat that long tail keyword multiple times, You have to mix up with different variation of phrases like synonyms.
    Lets say an example keyword is "seo techniques" Use it like profitable seo strategies for website, best seo methods in 2015, how these seo techniques works, seo techniques to boost your rank fast,

    Like this you can mix up in your content
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    make some long words - if keyword is online payday loans you can use it like How to get online payday loans. People will search like this only on google.
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    You never repeat a long tail keywords, your get ban, or Google will restrict incoming traffic.

    You need to setup a 3 tier traffic source, to get laser targeted traffic properly.

    X1. Your need a domain yes a expired domain, hopefully near to the main keyword/niche (metric is important hegh DA and trust is heigh, cheek for spam links.)
    x2.your need to set up a new website, and add at least 1 video and 1 image, and the rest is content.
    <h1>main keyword</h1> once.
    1200 word content, all spoken around your chosen niche.
    your need to add Google ad sense and maybe some clickbank offers around your niche.
    add a terms and condition, and a declaimer and legal documents.
    add you links menu,site map.
    x3.You need to search for long tail keywords that are earning money via pay per click at awards stats, also they really need to be matching Google suggestion aswell.
    v4.know you need to write a really in depth blog about your niche add some video and images as well, must also put one link going to main website.

    x5.know you need to write loads of blogs and add them lontail keywords and also add ad sense to the blogs.

    you need to point all the blogs to the in depth first really written blog.

    so you got

    website(main money earner))
    maini blog pointing to website (tear 2))
    load of blogs like 100 daily pointing to the main blog(tear 1)

    as time goes on you can know add even more power just spam tear 1 with loads of backlinks but relating to all them longtail keywords.

    basic but works trust me ((this is a long term money maker not a burn and run))
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