Help take this scammer down! - Just TWO minutes of your time guys.

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    Hello all,

    I recently came across a page of FB selling massively underpriced Apple products. The page has a couple hundred thousand likes. Hey, not a single bit of feedback on the page from previous buyers yet it's fairly obvious they are making a shit load of cash robbing people blind. The page is now linking to another page obviously owned by the same guy called Selby Mobile Repair. This got my alarm bells ringing, so my partner decided to contact them with an enquiry to buy an iPad. Now long story short, she asked for the seller/page owner to send a picture of the "actual phone with the date written on a piece of paper next to it" The seller sends a shitty image of a phone in a box on a desk, immediately we reverse image searched this and found the photo was ripped from one of hundreds of possible sites, some dating back to 2010. When the seller was questioned on this he said, well, " Im not in the shop right now so I will send you an image of the phone being sold" If this was true we wondered, then why the hell would you send an image of a phone in a box if you thought we didn't know what the hell an iphone was.

    Go and have a look for yourselves, what saddens me is that what if a relative or family friend were to be ripped off from this guy, I'm sure hundreds of people are every day and it makes me sick. If you don't believe me, go have a look for yourself, check the site, message the owner and question their legitamacy. Don't take my word for it, once you get on the page, anyone with half a brain can tell it's a complete scam.

    Oh... Did I mention they only take payment by western union or paypoint. This is laughable considering they are supposedly a legitimate business, so are they trying to tell us they don't have a merchant account with a credit card co. / bank. Secondly, it's clear they are using the name of a real business who is obviously shut down, or some how connected with them. If it's an innocent company , who's name is unknowingly being used to steal money from people then this adds more fuel to the fire.

    I urge you to take a look at the page, judge for yourself. And report the page to be taken down if you believe this to be a total scam!