Help!!! Stompernet - did anyone else get suckered?


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Sep 14, 2008
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Hi Guyz,

I wondered if anyone else got suckered into signing up for this Stompernet NetEffects - Hyped UP garbage, like I did? If so please could you pm me the phone number so I can unsubscribe?

Well I signed up (before I discovered BHW :( )and have received zip from those clowns since just over a month.

For those not in the know, Stompernet NetEffects it is this monthly physical magazine, plus this big video bonus package all about WH-SEO and if you liked the first "free" issue and bonus (I paid 30 bucks for postage....thats how free it was), you get to keep the bonuses and get bill 40-60USD a month (I got suckered into getting their OTO video thingy as well for another 20 USD as well).

Firstly, I waited all night to get registered and there was this debacle, with a claimed servers outage and the launch did not take place until one or two days later! I suspect that the server going down nonesense ... it was nonesense... was to build up suspense ala Jeff Walker styley (another one of those scum in cahoots - "JV partner" 2 u, do a googl on walker). These guys are slick, and sell 2k products and 800USD monthly memberships and a delay due to "technical problems" is just incongruous to their image.

Then they delay postage (it wasn't shipped until a claimed 8 days later), this move was probably engineered to give you less time to evaluate the product and you can only unsubscribe if you get the product, which comes with the unsubscribe hotline number, which I haven't as yet.

To their credit and to be fair, the SNNE package does provide high perceived value (it contains loads of videos and 1 month trials of such things like Traffic Cahuna (Another fickende hated tactic(fick = Fcuk in kraut talk)), but about intrinsic value, I can't comment...I'm not in a position to.

Does anyone have any comments and/or can anyone pm me the number?

Much appreciated!

P.S. Sorry for ranting, but when I think about how much of a sucker I was (still am, but to a lesser degree) and their slimey tactics, my blood boils. Sorry 4 typos and other errors in my English.
yeah i just ordered the DVD without the magazine i knew something like this would happen
Thx!!!!! Much appreciated. All I could find in my confirmation blurb, was that I should call a phone number, which I could not find anywhere. Maybe I was just blind!
I am still waiting for my mail and yes I paid a huge postage amount as well. So far - nothing !
I only got mine last week and I'm in Ireland.

I had to search for the number to cancel too, eventually found it and it was just an automated message with that url.

They were never going to make it easy :rolleyes:!
Wow... you guys should also download and watch Fr*ank Kern (the Mass c0ntrol guy) celebrating success of StompaerNet. It's here somewhere on this forum.
I see why you guys are upset because of the delay in shipping, but how can you get mad at them for using marketing tactics?? Are you not a marketer and do you not sell as well??

Ironically, I found their DVDs to be very good and informative - I suggest you put them into action instead of whining about marketers marketing.
Yeah the DVD's and the magazine were very good, so definitely use them. Just make sure you cancel your subscription if you don't want to get charged for the next issue.
If you haven't received your package yet I'd suggest sending them an email to let them know.
These guys are mad, kill them, just kill them
stomper net, who? :)

Bs, they charge so much and it is a bull, I got the lenses (torrent) and it is crap, they hype their videos so much, I say fuck them, fuck them very much
Ed Dale is listed as one of the 'great minds' behind StomperNet. I'm retrospectively following the 30 day challenge and thought that he was one of the more 'respectable' IM's ??:eek:
I'm not annoyed at them for using marketing tactics, I'm annoyed at me for falling fo it!
I'm annoyed at not received anything and I have sent 2 emails and never got a reply.
I'm not annoyed at them for using marketing tactics, I'm annoyed at me for falling fo it!
I'm annoyed at not received anything and I have sent 2 emails and never got a reply.

Thanks more like it - LOL :p

Instead of blaming them, blame yourself...
Hi easyweb,

Thx 4 the reply, I ordered it before discovering Blackhat World.

For a short, but expensive time I became a compulsive buyer.... until I found this place. Admittedly, I never took serious action with the stuff I bought, I know now though, that even if you gave someone the best plan in the world, if that person doesn't take action, your plan is wasted on them.

I'm planning to produce my first blogfarm as my first venture...should be fun.


ordered it too ... and have not yet received a thing
The one thing the stomper boys do well is PR ie promotiong their stuff
call your credit card company and report them. open a case and you will either get your money back or the product.
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