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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by moeatwa, Nov 8, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I want to start a service. I'm a Google Search Engine Rater/ Quality Assessor and a former FB/YT moderator. I was thinking maybe I could make reports or give consultations or something like that... Stuff like getting out of the Sandbox, or making your website more rater-friendly. What would I need to do to get started? More importantly, how should I go about establishing myself as an authority? Finally, where do you think I should host a service like this? Where would I get the most leads? Here? In the Services Section? On WF? Make a site? I sorta' put it out here on another thread a while back, people didn't seem to be very interested. The thing is, it's the only know-how that sets me apart... I don't stand a chance in SEO... It's too fast, too hard a game. I really hope someone with experience starting services can help me out here.
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    First i would set up a plan on what you are going to offer
    Then set up a site with your offers on it.
    Join a forum like here and open a sales thread and then give 2 or 3 free review copies.

    or go out and find a site that needs help and offer to do it free. They would be more open to letting you do it. Tell them you been in the business for some time just starting out on your own.

    get a few customers like this and get the feed back and then you will be on the right track

    get the first few any way you can and then the rest will come.