Help ! someone is trying to kill my site with his adwords ad


Jun 9, 2017
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I have a problem with a site that is trying to kill my business (website) in the most dirty way.

This site is attracting my clients to him writing the name of my website in his google adwords. He started stealing my employees faking as client and stealing my copyrighted photos. As I reported him with google because of the photos, he called my company to threaten me. What a face ! he said that I should have asked him to take the photos out ! I am not the one stealing employees or trying to kill a business that has been working correctly and respectfully.

It seems the man is still hurt because now he is stealing my clients with an adword that has the name of my website on the adword title.

I always worked without fighting or bothering anyone. I worked always honestly and suddenly this man comes to try to kill the website of a person that I assume he knows is peaceful and calm, but this is enough.

I read about clicking his adword many times to run it out? or what about a sandbox? I do not really know what to do, please what do you recommend me ? Thank you so so so much !
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Can you give any more details about the niche, etc?
Reporting him on adwords with proof that the website he s using as title is yours should be enough to have him banned. As for him threatening you, i wouldn t worry at all. Try to get him out of adwords for now and take care of the rest as they come
Just complaint with Adsense and DMCA for faster solution! And it is not bothering anyone and you are fighting for your own stuff
Report that ad to adwords, his account will be suspended
report it to adwords under brand name policy. If that name belongs to you then you can make this happen. No one is allowed to use other's brand names in their own advertisements without proper authorization from the brand name owner
hope this will hep you?

And one thing I want to know from you is that google adwords is not cheap then why someone waste that kind of money for no good cause.
is he killing your business?
if he contact better business bureau that will take a serious action against that company
Well, that's just a keyword. He's using it the same way as you. That you have the emd does not mean that he's acting wrong if he's aiming for that keyword too.
It doesn't look like he's trying to destroy your business. It looks like he is just a competitor with an advertising budget. Or is there more going on here?
He started stealing my employees...

Please do explain. Sounded like he's poaching your employees, but I doubt that's the case.

Besides for outranking you for your business name, it sounds like he's doing several things that are illegal (at least enforcable in the US)... even for stealing photos you can take that pretty far if you wanted to take legal action.
what is the name of your website?
it seems that he is your competitor you can monetize your ad change the bid strategy to Target Outranking Share: In this You choose another advertiser's domain you want to outrank in ad position and how often you want to outrank it, and AdWords automatically sets your Search bids to help meet that target.
In this way your ad will placed above his advertising campaign or domain.
this guy is competing (as far as the ad scenario). he hasnt done anything dodgy there.

as for the threats etc you need evidence if you get it, you can call the police as that is illegal in the uk
If i'm reading correctly you are on tops page of google and he is using adwords.
This is nothing horrific since even he is on top most people don't click adwords advertisement but normal result page
Does the OP have any screenshots showing more details? I'm really curious about this. On one hand he might be doing something dodgy, and that's not right, but on the other hand I'm curious if his ads are actually encroaching on your site. They seem to be pretty generic. If they ARE encroaching, then that's something we can totally help with.
Its called competition, it means you have to work harder. Don't complain that he is stealing everything from you and cheating etc. Just work harder and be better at everything than he (your competitor) is. Then you will succeed.

If he is bidding on adwords for your target keywords, bit above him - work harder at your display copy, landing page etc and as @Society Girl said you can most likely pay less and be above him.

If he is stealing your customers then offer a better service than him at a cheaper price and steal them back.

If he steals your employees then treat them better, pay them better and once again steal them back.

Just make sure you are focusing on the success of YOUR business rather than the failure of someone ELSES business.

After all, thats what competition is for - it pushes you to always work harder and become better.
Thank you very much for your replies, yes, I checked on google about this and even though the name of the company is a trademark which is known by the clients already, as this trademark comprises normal / simple words of common use, there is nothing google can do about. I have been told about creating a google ad which has the same title than his (which is the title of my company) and there is nothing else to do about. I guess, I would have to wait and everything will recover little by little.
what is your site name? tell me, If you need any help regarding adwords just let me now in the comments below and we will design the strategy for your adwords campaign
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Its much easier I will propose this solution.Let drain this bastard,send us details on which keyword ranks and which ad with images and to start clicking on them regulary.WE will kill it about 48 hours.
Its much easier I will propose this solution.Let drain this bastard,send us details on which keyword ranks and which ad with images and to start clicking on them regulary.WE will kill it about 48 hours.
Yup, ready to do that, no problems
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