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    Jun 18, 2017
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    Hello, dear friends. I've been doing aws ec2 accounts with real credit cards of my own and my friends(Russia cards) for couple of weeks. Accounts were maid by my method and most of time received at least 20 limits for 3 regions and 10 rest, and at best 20 full region. It wasn't matter at all if i enter incorrect Billing Address and Name of Card Holder - i still get good accounts.

    The way i do accounts is via RDP machines. I use IP address geolocation to set for amazon account address.

    Right now, after 1-2 weeks at max, Amazon changed things or i am doing something wrong. No matter what i try:
    1. Create vcc with preset billing address and card holder name, last name and then use all that correct info for aws ec2 account.
    2. Try real cards with a billing address and cardholder name,last name
    3. Try same cards that was 100% working before( i mean same card types, not same same cards :) )

    and in all cases in 99% cases(via brand new RPD machines and phone numbers) i get this message:

    Greetings from Amazon Web Services,

    We were unable to validate important details about your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. Your AWS account has been placed on hold pending additional verification.
    You will not be able to log in to your or the AWS portal. If you do not respond within 5 days of this email (by Thursday, June 29, 2017),
    your AWS account will be suspended and you will no longer be able to access AWS services.

    To avoid suspension, please fax us a copy of a current bill (utility bill, phone bill or similar).
    As an alternative, you can fax us a copy of your national ID (both sides). The faxed statement should include the following information:

    - Subject: “Attention to Amazon Web Services”
    - The name on the AWS account
    - The billing address on the AWS account
    - The email address associated with your AWS account

    What does it mean ? Does it mean that amazon cannot verify my real address that i enter on account page or its about credit card billing address ? What can i do to prevent this kind of error ? Even entering correct address based on IP or correct address of credit card doesnt help. All cards that were used are charged 1$ sucessfully.

    I will pay at least 50$ for a real working solution of this. Dont waste yours and mine time if you would like to scam. I wont pay to juniour members without proofing method first.
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    Apr 24, 2017
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    Same thing happens to me...
    Aws been strict..
    I would suggest use new cards with atleast $2 use the name on the card and billing...
    The first msg can be easily bypass...if the card and ip you are using is new...

    The hard part is when they ask for proof although it can be easily photoshop...
    But if you have used old cc and ip number..then they will close the account
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    Jun 22, 2017
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    It wont work.Even if you enter everything legit and add real credit card, now a days amazon ec2 is not approving 20 limits for new accounts.

    So it is waste of time to buy method.