[Help] Should they keep the fanpage or not (just me), please help with legal advice.

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    Should they keep the fanpage or not (just me), please help with legal advice.

    My history is the next one.

    A customer take my service to handle the website and the FB fanpage of the (his) company, for a monthly payment.
    after a while when became another branch, he insist in create another FB fanpage that I run too.

    Well I did my job I create the FB fanpage with the name of the new business, I add it to the google map, etc, anyway
    I did all my job, and run the FB fanpage updating every single day doing my best, posting and doing all you do in FB.
    but never get a raise money about this site, the amount of the monthly payment was the same.

    Recently the customer fired me and ask me about the access of the first two sites ( from the original agreement )
    website and first FB fanpage. I respond the access are the same, I never change nothing about it, and he remove me from the
    administration from the FB site.

    Today he is asking me, that I add him as administrator from the site I've created with the name of the business ( second FB fanpage I never got a dime )

    Now my questions are

    Should I denied me to the request? ( Doing as I never saw the email he send me )
    Should I add him as admin to the fanpage? I know after, he going to remove me from the fanpage.
    Should I negociate the fanpage and see if I get some $$$$ in the process? Not sure the legal part just for having the name of the business, that is not mine.

    any other advice that you can tell will be very usefull.
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    Be an asshole and keep the pages. Tell him you won't give it to them if he doesn't pay you for the work. Unpublished the pages so he thinks you deleted them.
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