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Help setting up with PayPal

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by john_snow, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. john_snow

    john_snow Newbie

    Jul 25, 2016
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    Hello, I am new to the forums and before starting to work I wanted to finish setting up. I've searched the forums and there are tons of way to start making money. However I am still a little confused about how to receive my funds and I was hoping someone could guide me. To clarify I live in South America and I want to create a US PayPal Account. I already have an eBay account and started selling not too long ago, but the fees are killing me (1.5% more per PayPal transaction plus my bank charges like 3% per PayPal withdraw not to mention they take like 5 days to process the funds), not to mention without a US PayPal or CC I miss a LOT of deals on personal purchases. I see there are a lot of reliable people on the marketplace offering services to create PayPal Accounts using VBAs and VCCs which is great. However I can't seem to find definitive information on how to fund and get paid if I live overseas. As far I understand VBAs and VCCs are for verification purposes only and not to pay/get paid. I read most people seem to use Payoneer, but I read PayPal recently stopped playing nice with it, additionally I don't know if Payoneer cards are considered US Cards for sites like Jet.com. Does PayPal reject Payoneer just for verification or for everything? Is there a VBA I can get on my name that'll work with PayPal and Amazon? I would really appreciate some guidance. FYI: I do have a relative in USA that can help me move money from banks and even open a bank account in their name for me to use, but I'd prefer not to involve that person unless absolutely necessary. Thanks in advance.