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    I am really not well versed on Hosting,Servers etc any insight would greatly be appreciated. I have a client with some issues, main website is running on a custom built CMS which is running on SQL/PHP 4 which can not be upgraded to PHP 5 or MYSQL 5. That being said blog is running in a /blog directory on wordpress and needs to be upgraded and is currently getting hit with small attacks and NEEDS to be upgraded. Now we don't want to do any major over hauls because of negative SEO impact Is there anyway to keep the main site running on the current instance set up but make change to blog set up to a upgrade? Can this be set up under the same domain but run 2 ip's running 2 different instances?
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    I would buy a 2nd domain name, if your hosting account allows it, you could probably host it on the same server/account, and set up a 'test' wordpress blog under that new domain name, this means setting it up with the same wordpress version and the same plugins and theme (and all the same versions) as your current 'live' environment.
    You'd also need to duplicate your mysql database for it to run.
    Once the 'test' blog is ready, do the upgrade that you plan on doing.
    This will show you what errors/problems to expect when doing the real upgrade and gives you a chance to iron those out before you do the real upgrade.