HELP - Please tell me a way to do this - Facebook page UNBELIEVABLE likes


May 29, 2013
Saw this page in facebook today:

Page ID :
tips.tricks.DE (sorry can't post link due to limited account)

This page has got 300,000 likes at the time of posting this message. It was created 24 hours ago.

How is this possible?

Please tell me a way how to do this? I want to make big pages like this too.

Thank you
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A lot of pages gets Fans for search query in Facebook so 300K Fans from viral traffic and an average of 250 shares a post. Mmm, can be something dirty
On Fiverr, you can buy huge volume of likes from different sellers.
Surely he is fusing one page to another, so old fanpage is joined to that new fanpage, so creation date is from yesterday, there are some ways to do this, Facebook has a lot of bugs. You could even do it with a facebook form, and they aproved it.
fb is a new monster, that everyone is trying to tame

just recently i came across this page that purported the ability to add 1000s of friends, i'm pretty sure likes is somewhat along the same lines

livelyservice c...0,M

i'm NOT affiliated to that page , this is just my bid to share some info i gathered so far
Oh i'm sure it's a bot. I have a friend who gave himself 5000+ likes on a status that was simply called, test. I'm more incited about Facebook terms about this kind of thing... what will they do?
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