Help please! Apache 2.2 & AllowOverride

Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by teague, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Nov 5, 2008
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    I've practically been pulling my hair out the last 4 days. Tried every which way possible to write some htaccess files for CS.......not 1 worked.

    First I would receive a 404 error when checking the websites for the cookie.

    Now I'm getting a 500 error.

    I'm really not great at this, but I finally found out from a lot of reading that my directories may not have been set right to allow access to htaccess files.

    I finally got my default off of sql changed to sql5, and changed a few permissions, then found the directory htaccess files.

    I've got the public_html files to allowoverride, but now the error tells me that my home/***myname/.htaccess 'AllowOverride not allowed here'.

    I know I changed that htaccess file to AllowOverride. Maybe I didn't put it in the right sequence, or need to add something else to it?

    Knowledge would be greatly appreciated!:D