HELP! Pictures from Rolling Stone Magazine showing up under my name in Google images. Why?

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    A year ago I dated a famous rockstar for approximately 1 week. We were never photographed together (didn't even take a selfie) and no one publicly knows about it. Outside a few tweets/instagram posts I made attending one of his concerts, theres no link between us online (and anyone that would see them would just assume that I was his fan). Anyway fast forward to now, for the last few months photos of him are showing up under my name in google image search. The bizarre thing is the bulk of these photos are from Rolling Stone magazine's. I myself am a musician, but I've never been in/mentioned in the magazine or their website. A simple search of their web site confirms this. I've never commented on any articles on Rolling Stone's website, and no one has mentioned me in any of the comments or articles. The most bizarre thing is when I do the "find on this page" thingie in my safari browser and type my name in on every article about the guy from October 2012 on, it shows 3 results for my name on the page (every article from 2010 - oct 2012 shows 1 result for my name.. The articles prior, going back to the 90's, show 0 results). But when you click the arrow to direct you to where my name is on the page it doesn't take you anywhere... I tried random friends of mine's names and I get 0 results, so it's not my browser glitching.. Which leads me to think my name is embedded somewhere in scripting. I've pulled up the source code on the page, and I'm not in the META tags.. but is it possible that my name is embedded or encrypted somewhere deeper? It's really bizarre, and kind of bothering me.. I feel as though I'm almost being set up.