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    I am starting this post, becouse to many people keep asking others ,what niche shall i use ,well we never know the exact niche others use but we can find grate niches free.

    Please only post to give your advise, where and how to get a good niche , to help others and stop all the stupid question ((what niche you using)).

    Firstly every niche needs to be tested ,and the best way this can be done is via socail networks and bots , only my opionion.

    First you need to understand that a niche is the sole purpose of internet marketing that how you earn your cash, a niche can be of any name and even have sub niches ,in fact even deeper depending on the niche your researching.

    I see a lot of people not understanding the whole concept of a niche name , there two important parts you need to understand in general.

    Broad name ((niche))

    Specific name (( niche))

    This is a example

    Football (( This is a broad niche name ,as it the main name of the niche))

    Tottenham, Arsanal (( This is a specefic niche name but sub name of the broad name))

    The football niche will be larger in size then a specific niche.

    But a specific niche ,might be more profitable then a broad niche, this is where keyword nich related investigation comes.

    Every niche has a price on the internet ,and some broad niche or specific niches might even have a heigher price ,or even lower or the same price value.

    Every niche on the internet are backed by advertisement business and made up into campaigns ,so internet clients can jump on board and earn with there business.

    google has the advertisement Business called adwords ,and uses there sub business Adsense to let others join there advert campaign, to earn the cash via pay per click, from showing advierts on your website , video, or blogs.

    To see how much a niche is worth ,you need to use google adwords to see what the niche keyword value is for click per cost value.

    So i look up football and see the price value is
    $1.20 per click , then i look up a specific niche of football like arsanal cost , and that is $3.00 cpc,So know i no that sub football niches are worth more then the main niche.

    So if i was in the football niche, i no all the sub niches ,are worth more ,so i would concentrate on the sub niches .

    But there even more good news ,as i was on adwords there was other sub catagorys come up and show me even bigger cpc keyword names, that i can use you can make even more cash.

    Like i have shown above ,this is one way to really identify a niche and it value.

    The best way to find a niches value ,is using a keyword application to no of it cost per click.

    As your investigating your niches/keywords you can collect sub keywords that have heigher
    Cost per click.

    As you can see ,the benifits of a main niche name has always sub niches and them sub niches can even have more hanging niches and the profit is endless, and then you can use the cpc to see there value.

    So once you got all your niches together, you then can add them to your socail bots , and let your socail clients goto your landing page to earn a lot of money.

    Good luck
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