help on re-submitting and getting a new sitemap.xml

Mar 20, 2013
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i had submitted my xml sitemap on google and bing webmaster tool...
but now for some reason it gives a general HTTP error: 404 not found
i had uploaded the sitemap.xml file through my ftp application on webserver..
but now its not there.. can anyone help me to get my sitemap.xml file a new one.. because the old file i dont know might have gotten deleted...
it seems i cant find it anywhere on webserver...
or is it there something i missed... what would be the standard procedure to upload the xml file on webserver...
i'm a newbee... so please dont mind... i'm confused..
There are free site map generator available use that to create one. Search "site map generator" in google.
It should be located exactly here if you placed it in different locations then you face these problem.
Downloaded the sitemap.xml file..
So now i'll just use a ftp application to upload it in webserver... and than resubmit the url in bing and google webmaster tools..
dude downloaded and added the file her
resubmitted the url, now it gives error
Missing XML tag This required tag is missing. Please add it and resubmit
what should i do..
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