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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by nodyguy, Feb 11, 2012.

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    Algo? Let's play with you.
    Hello BHW community, Its my first thread in this great forum.
    Ok, after reading many tuts and threads about money making and seo I started too.
    My niche is some game cheat, and in google keyword tool I found that there are 6,600 exact searches for "game name" cheats.
    At start, I downloaded trainer of this game and reuploaded it, I locked the content with adscendmedia's content locker, I made a blog about it with video and descripition of the cheat, I made a video and uploaded it to youtube and increased it's views by vagex, Im ranked on the first page, #5.
    I got my blog URL in the descripition and im getting realy low traffic from it, got only 1.5$ so far from the content locking.
    Now I started SEO, I did as guides say:keyword in my URL,descripiton and keyword meta tags and did some stuff I read in SEO guides.
    But im still not at the first 10pages...
    What can I tell you is that the #1 in the first page is release of this cheat in cheatengine's forum.
    Hope you guys help me.

    PS, My site is indexed because when I search my URL in google I can find it.

    Thanks everyone.
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