Help needed with a transaction.

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    I make mail servers for a living, and I have had several clients from BHW.

    Recently a noob jr. vip got in touch with me. And he is giving me a hard time now.

    He asked me about a mail server, and I said Linux, and when he said autoresponder, I said Interspire. I charged him some money for setting the linux vps up and tweaking it a bit, and installed interspire for him.

    He says that interspire isn't solving his purpose now, and wants a full refund. Well, I have worked on the server, so I told him to cancel the server that he has bought with my affiliate link on my sig, and soon as it shows on my stats that its cancelled, I can refund. If he cancels within 7 days of ordering, the vps company refunds the money no questions asked. So absolutely no loss for him.

    Now he says that I completely misled him, and that he wants a refund, and wants me to pay for a new windows vps for the first month, and also wants to keep this linux vps to use with his windows vps for mailing, on which I have worked for the money I took from him.


    How should I deal with him now?

    All help would be appericiated.
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    Interspire is working fine for mailer, too bad that he can't use it. I think, if he looked on the TOS (if any), then he should cancel his vps. You are in the right track.
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    Wow, he seems like he wants the moon. I would personally and politely refer him to the TOS and if he is still being kooky. Refund and block :)

    Don't let anyone push you around when it comes to business. That is a sign of weakness and he will prey on that. Make a decision and stick to it.

    Good luck, mate!
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