Help Needed w/ Gmail Automation


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Jun 3, 2023
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I have a fairly sophisticated Gmail Marketing system. I send emails to companies looking for opportunities to decommission or purchase used/surplus equipment from data centers, semiconductor plants, refineries, power plants, substations, etc. I made several million USD my first year and will make $5 million net next year. I have an incredibly sophisticated method and dedication to email list building. I have partners worth hundreds of millions, some with thousands of millions of dollars who will put down $5million on a job, send a crew to do all the work, and split profits of $500,000-$1,500,000 per job with me gladly because I can generate so many leads they can be selective, busy, and incredibly more profitable partnering with me.

This system began 8 years ago, however. Its built using an incredible array of softwares with I believe AutoIt as a main component but I have 2 programmers now. My main programmer was sick for 8 months and finally came back and go9t the system all fixed I bought $7,000 worth of Gmail Accounts from my same contact Ive used for 8 years and none will work for him now on AWS.

My old programmer is working with him and building a more sophisticated parallel system which is spread out between +/- 6 different VPN providers none being AWS(He’s going super hard) but he now has a $300,000/year programming job and is part time for me. I use 1,000-1,500 accounts at once averaging 16 sends/day per account running like 12 VMware virtual machines on one of my servers. 8 AWS accounts.

Anyone have experience and the ability to help here. I got plenty of money for anyone who can fix this for me!
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