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Help needed urgently regarding my AC money

Discussion in 'Associated Content & Writing Articles' started by essares1, May 26, 2009.

  1. essares1

    essares1 Junior Member

    Apr 27, 2009
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    I was very happy today that I got my first payment from AC. But I am shocked to see that i cannot get that money out of my paypal account. I am a non US resident and opened a US paypal account. I planned to get my money back to my original paypal account and withdraw from there. Because, long back when I started using paypal, I remember sending money from an unverified account. But today I saw that unverified US paypal account sending limit is zero.

    I need to get that money out as quickly as possible. I think it will take some time to buy a virtual US bank account(if something like this really exists) and verify it and get it back. Also, If I don't have any money other than that in this account, what would be the best thing to do? Pls give me some suggestions. It is urgent.
  2. shadowfax

    shadowfax Power Member

    Mar 9, 2009
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    IM, Marketing, Programming
    Where there is money baby
    Dude you need a VCC for increasing the sending limits of the US paypal account.... You will find some offers for VCC in Buy Sell section...

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