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[Help Needed] Starting the Copywriting of My Journey

Discussion in 'Copywriting & Sales Persuasion' started by Kansept, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Kansept


    Jul 14, 2016
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    Hey guys,

    New to this sub-section.. I started all over the place about 4 months ago, ya know, learning the basics like the difference between blackhat and whitehat.. learning about things like proxies, VPS, website flipping, web 2.0s, etc...

    Years before that I was just a lurker doing trial and error to no avail of course.. just like most of us.

    I'm now the owner of a brand/site which offers promotional services, as well as placements on the site, to my niche-relevant clientele.

    I launched a month ago and made about a grand.

    Everyday is just constant revision to my site, content, and marketing methods.

    My marketing setup for the first momths was pretty poor.. but should drastically improve this month. How I've gotten by so far is my conversion rates are pretty decent (started at almost 2.5% @ avg $30) and also I'm building an email list pretty effortlessly and making at least 5o% or more of my revenue from captured emails.

    Like I said I'm improving my marketing channels, and to kind of buffer things, I'd like to utilize adwords, in order to provide a decent amount of liquidity, so that I can continue to move forward at a nice pace without A/B testing affecting my cashflow, which as you know is already attacked by expenses, not to mention the "time factor" I'm speaking of now.

    *Before I can move forward with plugging in new traffic sources, I will need to finalize my landing and squeeze pages/methods.

    My landing page is text-based... I'm not so sure if my niche will really respond to a contact form, as their most accustomed to sending a "submission" to me and my competitors in the form of a carefully crafted email. (My landing page is essentially an email capture, but needs to appear as a legitimate submission page)

    I would like to incorporate the "anatomy of a perfect landing page" but I would need to create a contact form that captures; first, last, link, pictures, comment, and additional links.... which I suppose isn't difficult, but I'm just not sure how my niche would respond to a contact form.... all my competitors just jave them send an email.... but I wouldn't be opposed to doing things differently if you guys think I could be successful in doing so.

    Should I present them with the landing page they're used to, or should I try to do a new fresh hybrid between a capture-landing-what they're used to?

    I squeeze in my return email.. and currently it looks really shitty. It's basically just a semi-generic reply, with a list of my available placements and services... and, going out of outlook it looks nice and neat with bold, font changes, and bullets, but coming in to gmail it looks awful, because none of the design specifics are maintained.. and I just found this out lol... so what I thought was an email that was temporarily passible in terms of appearance is really just garbage... ha.. and again, my price sheet is just a list of my available services.. a long list.. too long.

    I took to mailchimp. Crafted something nice with buttons, revised pricing, and a well-thought-out condensation of my services.. amd I was excited because my email list is approaching 200. Mailchimp only sends to gmail promotions tab............ fuck.

    So now I'm left with the HTML of my copy... and I have no clue what third party client to use to handle my growing email list, and can send a presentable copy straight to everyone's main inbox, everytime.

    The copies of my landing and squeeze need major revision. There's no reason to support why I've been converting over 2% other than the fact that I'm an expert in my niche.

    Basically, I want to capture their email, subconsciously warm them up to pulling out their wallets, while building trust by having them get excited about crafting their submission... and that's on the landing.

    Then, I want to reply with a seemingly specific email, that includes my available services in a presentable manner... that hits the inbox everytime. That's in my squeeze.

    So, let me know what you guys think... maybe I should just throw out the funnel entirely and replace it with a bucket by putting all my available services on my landing page with checkout buttons... idk.. my clients need a lot of attention so maybe not.. idk. I feel like funneling is the best idea, so their not just hitting a brick Paypal wall, and so that they get their emotions involved........... but ultimate I don't give a fuck what I have to do as long as it increases revenue and decreases expenses.

    Annoying Rant:

    This post is a bit all over the place, and lengthy, so I imagine I'll need to clarify some things.

    However, if your only interest is to figure out my method.. I'll see that.. please just move on. I don't want to provide a method until I have a 100% FULL Method Tutorial to offer you guys so please, try and help me critque what I'm doing now, and to make my method thus far better..

    I mean to say that there's a fine line between commenting to jack my method and asking about my method to help... and I'll probably recognize the difference... so if you want to know about my method thus far, bring something to the table is all I ask.

    If you're just hammering "What's your niche?" That's a bit off putting... I can descibe my niche and how I think they'll respond to certain things.. but, idk how I feel about revealing it... even though some of you may already know lol

    Rant Over, My b

    Hoping to hear from you guys.. excited to do so research in this sub-section :)
  2. redarrow

    redarrow Elite Member

    Apr 1, 2013
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    Product funnels work fine and increase sales.

    Any niche in the world can use funnels ,that if you got the service to offer and sell.

    I think 3 shown funnels one afther another with sales pointing back from paypal is enough .

    You need to build the buyer up to think he or she just needs a little more just to succeed.

    Give it a go wont hurt will it can always go back to norm if it dont work.

    Page one first product looks good works well

    Page two looks good works well It even better as it goes with page one product

    Page 3 looks good but interacts heighly with the other two products on page two and one.

    Hope you understand , hope you all the best , go for it sounds good to me.

    Good luck mate
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  3. Kansept


    Jul 14, 2016
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    This gives me some ideas.. thanks man
  4. sadecentpoint

    sadecentpoint Junior Member

    Oct 9, 2013
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    try a better writing team, thats all i say