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HELP! Need some guidance.....

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mdcnet, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. mdcnet

    mdcnet Regular Member

    Jan 3, 2010
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    Canada, EH!

    I hope that this is in the right forum.

    I desperately need to get things going with my IM project as I REALLY need to be able to bring in some extra cash fairly quickly. My goal would be to make about $1000-1500 a month as I already work fulltime 6 days a week and just cant make ends meet right now.

    I just had some blogs built for me recently to get me started and I started building backlinks and have not seen much progress as of yet. The blogs have been set up with adsense and amazon and even CB to try and bring in some income but Im barely getting any visitors to the site and I see that the sites even need some tweaking to make them a little better (they were set up as auto-blogs with wp robot but they need some tweaking as they post too often and bring in amazon products everyday in posts so it looks too spammy).

    I am really hoping that I can get some suggestions as to the quickest way to bring in some income as I REALLY need to make up for my shortfall asap and I have been really frustrated recently as some of the stuff I have read about (to gat traffic to my site and income) seems a little overwhelming to me and I seem to procrastinate on doing it as I am a bit of a newb to this stuff.

    So, I am looking for some good suggestions - and would look at ANY options to help me make my desired $$$$ goals, whether it be through blogs or anything else on the web.

    I could post or pm the links to my blog sites if that helps for any tips or website reviews, I just didnt want to post them in this post to appear spammy.

    Thanks so much in advance!

  2. RicherJack

    RicherJack Junior Member

    Oct 20, 2009
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    Full-Time IM'er
    United Kingdom
    Facebook fan page/group marketing seems to be the band wagon that everyone is jumping onto these days.