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    Jan 31, 2012
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    After done with some onpage seo on my site i found nice results that my articles ranked under top 100

    well need help on :( How to rank my article for a kW on #1 if its already comes under #50 on google those keywords are low competition and ,medium traffic kw can anybody tell me the steps to get it rank a bit higher on google

    can anyone one tell me easy and best steps to follow in order to get a bit higher ranking then earlier without paying for any Off-Page seo services.

    thanks in advance
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    Aug 17, 2012
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    Here is some advice, that I just posted for someone else in another thread:

    SEO is easier now IMO.

    Onpage post all these updates:

    Keyword in title
    Done. Don't overoptimize your onpage, use LSI keywords in header tags if you want, and maybe use your keyword ONE more time in the entire article. Write for people, naturally.


    Really do whatever you want, but try and follow this, lets say you have 100 backlinks total, this is what you'd want your profile to look more like:

    30 of them should be your brand as an anchor text: Blue Widgets, blue widgets, blue widgets website etc
    30 should be raw URLs:,, etc
    20 should be generic: website, source, click here, more, read more, find out, visit, homepage
    10 should be KW variations: awesome red widgets, best red widgets you can find, look at these red widgets
    10 exact keyword: red widgets

    Go for unique content for your Tier 1 links, and spam for your T2.. dont skimp on T1 links if you want to rank anything worthwhile..

    Tier 1:
    manual social bookmarks
    quality directory subs
    quality private networks
    press release to paid networks
    niche related blog comments
    niche related guest posts


    Spam, senuke/xrumer blah blah

    Good luck, don't over complicate shit, and don't over optimize shit.

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