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    I have a client that has an email list of 20,000. 95% of this list has been obtained via offline methods, i.e. tradeshows, conferences, expos etc. and technically they are opt-in as I've examined their fishbowl capture forms. My client's business is somewhat old fashioned that way....they're only catching on now that their customers are shifting to net-based communication. Direct response snail mail has been a great bringer for my client in the past. They've just been using personal email accounts for sending email. I'm trying to steer them in the direction of a dedicated email service because their current email practices are a bit amateur and run the risk of getting shut down. Now the problem that I'm running into is that no 3rd pary email sender wants to touch this list (i.e. Aweber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp etc.). This is a problem that I foresaw as I point most of my clients to Aweber for their small business email marketing, but Aweber is having an issue importing their list. My other clients don't really have an issue because in their case, they are migrating from one online platform to Aweber. In this particular case, it's almost a complete offline to online migration.

    What I need your help with is sourcing a email sender that won't scrutinize my client's list as much as these others. I'm guessing the only option would be a self-hosted solution such as Interspire. I don't have a lot of experience with self-hosted email marketing solutions, so I'm hoping that someone out here can help point me in the right direction.

    Also, for those who might suggest to start from scratch....not really an option. My client has spent the last 10 years building their list legitimately and I'd get the boot for even suggesting they start over. I've already told them to forget about the 5-star hotels at this point....what I'm looking for is the 1-2 star hotels that will get their job done without asking too many questions with decent deliverability.

    Any suggestions?