[HELP] My Videos Are not showing up in YouTube Search!!

Discussion in 'Video Production' started by john-benjamin, Jul 25, 2017.

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    Feb 6, 2013
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    So I'm running a gaming channel on youtube and I download Game Trailers and other gameplay videos and post on my channel with Correct Title, Description, A link in Description and tags but to my surprise my videos are not getting any views.. The most views I get on my videos are like 10 or 20 views max. My channel is like 2 months old and has all the stuffs like, Website, FB,Twitter, Header Image, Profile Image,etc...

    I download videos using clipconverter.cc and add a intro video and watermark the video so It might look like new but seems like it isnt working and YT is probably understanding that I uploaded a duplicate video and it isnt giving me the views from it own..

    What should I do?
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    okay here I will share a quick simple and easy trick with you which will help you in increasing your youtube videos rankings and can even help you in conquering the No. 1 position as well.

    Q : Why we need our video rankings to be improved?
    A : Only so that it can get more views right? So that means Greater Video Rankings = More Youtube Views. More Views = More Income or More Fame. Everyone wants to earn money or become famous right? So here is a small blueprint to earn some money and become more famous

    1. After uploading the video write the full title of the video with your channel name in the search bar of youtube. Here your video is on #1 position. Click on your video and watch it till the end. X20*
    2. Now type & search just your video’s title in the search box and find your video. Click on the video and watch it till the end. x30+*
    3. Now just type and search Your main focus keywords and find your video. Click on the video and watch it till the end. X50+*
    4. Just repeat the 3rd process for all other main keywords you want to rank your video.

    X20* is 20 times you have to repeat the same process but not through the same id/ip/pc/mobile.
    Try and search through many different phones. Try to ask your neighbors/friends/family members and anyone you come across to find your video through this process only. To increase the rankings even faster repeat this process from all your friends phones/id’s every 4-6 hours. And you’ll see a huge increase in your rankings and rankings will also stay there for much long.

    Remember watching your own video till the end from all different ID’s is the main key. And do like and comment on your own videos.

    If you can not get on hold to 20-30 odd people do this process with 10-20 or may be even 5-10 people, even that will help alot.

    So what are you waiting for??? Go out or maybe give your friends a call and start working CHAMP
    Be Rich, Be Famous & Rock the world.
    Plus Don’t forget me after becoming famous okay
    I hope you like this article written by me. Try this and if it works out for you as well than do tell us all here in the comment section below.
    And If you’ve some other tricks to increase rankings or getting more views do share in the comments section below.