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HELP, my girl was hacked..questions...

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by jedediahd, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. jedediahd

    jedediahd Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 4, 2008
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    So the girl I am dating had her shit hacked by a crazy ex. How do I know it was him? He called her and was reading private blogs to her from her myspace, which she already deleted. Now her gmail has been fucked with a bucnh too....my question is how did he get into a deleted myspace? I gave her my laptop to try and change her gmail info and pw, which she did, and this morning she cant get into it, and the other account linked to it, and all her contacts are compltely gone.....She runs Ubuntu with a firewall, how would he hack cache'd files like that? Should I be worried since my comp was plugged intoher connection? I appreciate any insight you gus can give, I know marketing, and lack on the tech side, which I know there are some experts of here. Thanks again...
  2. alexaassassin

    alexaassassin Registered Member

    Feb 9, 2009
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    Likely clicked on the fake "UPS PAckage Undeliverable - click here" message recently
    whuch installed a keylogger

    ...alternatively, if you know the ex was up to no good,
    you can ask your local police to ask gmail ( or ask yourself )
    to provide the last IP that logged into the account
    then look at the headers from email he has sent in the past
    to match up the ip.

    If he hacked this account, he could do serious time.
    He may not know about proxies and such.

    Alternatively, hire someone from this board in a far away country with no laws
    to PROXY and send this message to her gmail address:

    We have receive your payment of $2,500.

    As you request, Mr. (Ex's last name)'s accident will occur on ( 15 days from date )
    so best to be outside of your hometown with a good alibi for the day prior and the
    day following and use you credit card several times in places where you must make
    a physical signature for the credit card use to prove you had no opportunity to be
    involved in the death. It is best also to stay at a hotel and have conversations with
    the staff and mention events in that town occurring that night - ask for first names
    to you can locate these people to testify that you were there at that time if it
    ever goes to trial.

    As an ex-girlfriend,
    you will be a suspect until you provide
    evidence that you were not in proximity at the time of death.
    The same goes for your bf who has arranged this, so plan to
    be together and elsewhere.

    If for any reason we need to abort, such as unexpected behavior, company or travel from the subject, we will discuss a re-attempt or refund your deposit.The balance of the fee, $2,500 will be immediately due once a Notice/Certificate of Death about Mr. ( Ex- name ) has been issued by the State and/or the death is announced in the local newspaper.

    Please, understand that it would be a bad idea to default on this final payment if we have a successful completion of the task.