Help most searched adult keywords on google

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    Aug 19, 2013
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    can anybody tell me most searched adult keywords on google
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    Nov 29, 2014
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    Almost there
    - sex
    - porn
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    Sep 18, 2014
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    This is the absolute height of laziness. Worse than begging for a method. Google has a Keyword Tool. If you're not aware of it GOOGLE IT. Type Keyword Tool into Google.
    Look for adult keywords. It will give you suggestions. Don't expect people to do ALL the work for you...
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    Dec 5, 2011
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    Apr 1, 2013
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    Here a list for you, but know you need to no
    the cost per click and juice the keyword has
    then the tf trust and then use it

    sex offender registry
    sex and the city
    sex quotes
    sex jokes
    sex offenders
    sexual healing
    sexual assault
    sex pistols
    sex offender
    sex offender map
    sex tips
    sex trafficking
    sex emoji
    sex and the city cast
    sex and candy
    sex addiction
    sex and the city movie
    sex and candy lyrics
    sex at dawn
    sex and the city 2
    sex appeal
    sex after c section
    a sexual
    a sexual reproduction
    a sextant
    a sexual reproduction definition
    a sexual definition
    a sexless marriage
    a sex offender
    a sexuality test
    a sexually transmitted protozoan disease is
    sex before marriage
    sex box
    sex bob-omb
    sex bomb lush
    sex bolts
    sex burns calories
    sex bomb bath bomb
    sex before marriage bible
    sex benefits
    sex before period
    b sexuality
    b sex and the city /b
    sex chromosomes
    sex change
    sex cells
    sex chromosomes definition
    sex criminals
    sex change surgery
    sex change female to male
    sex cells definition
    sex calculator
    sex calories
    c section
    c section scar
    c section recovery
    c section video
    c sexton pebblebrook
    c section incision
    c section pain
    c section surgery
    c section infection
    c section birth
    sex definition
    sex during period
    sex drive
    sex drugs and rock and roll
    sex during early pregnancy
    sex during pregnancy
    sex death and bowling
    sex drugs
    sex drive meaning
    sex determination
    d sexuality
    d sexion
    sexion d'assaut
    sexion d'assaut avant qu'elle parte
    sexion d'assaut dsol
    sexion d assaut wati house
    sexion d'assaut balader
    sex education
    sex education in public schools
    sex ed the series
    sex ed imdb
    sex euphemisms
    sex education facts
    sex emoji iphone
    sex education statistics
    sex enhancement pills
    e sexiest
    sexta feira
    e sex and the city
    e sexiest body parts
    e sex and the city schedule
    e sexta feira amor
    sex facts
    sex foods
    sex facts about women
    sex fun facts
    sex frequency
    sex fiend definition
    sex first trimester
    sex from inside the human body ifls
    sex fitbit
    sex fantasy poems for her
    sex god method pdf
    sex gender
    sex glands
    sex god blueprint
    sex goals twitter
    sex god book
    sex got me to the er
    sex gta 5 online
    sex gender predictor
    sex gender system
    g sex drug
    g sexton
    sex hormones
    sex hormone binding globulin
    sex horoscope
    sex headache
    sex health
    sex hormones definition
    sex how it works
    sex health benefits
    sex hormone binding globulin high
    sex helps depression
    sex in the city
    sex in the city cast
    sex is on fire
    sex in the city movie
    sex in a pan
    sex in the bible
    sex in gta 5
    sex is on fire lyrics
    sex in the city characters
    sex in the city 2
    i sexually identify as an attack helicopter
    i sexually identify as a meme
    i sexy and i know it
    i sexually identify as a lamborghini
    i sexually identify as a minion
    i sexually identify as a walrus
    i sexually assaulted someone
    i sexually identify as a potato
    i sexually identify as an a10
    i sexually identify as a tank
    sex jokes images
    sex joke meme
    sex jokes short
    sex jokes with pictures
    sex jokes in english
    sex jokes about men
    sex jokes one liners
    sex jokes for him
    sex jokes for adults only
    j sexton
    j sexton story go
    j sexton construction
    j sexton rugby
    j sexton and associates
    sex knock knock jokes
    sex ketchup meme
    sex kitten programming
    sex kitten tanning lotion
    sex karne ke tarike hindi
    sex knowledge test
    sex kills lyrics
    sex keeps you healthy
    sex kills house
    sex kitten bare minerals
    k sexwale
    sex linked
    sex linked traits
    sex lies and videotape
    sex linked genes
    sex lyrics
    sex linked definition
    sex linked disorders
    sex linked inheritance
    sex linked trait definition
    sex linked gene definition
    la sexta
    la sexorcisto
    la sexta noche
    la sex offender
    la sexta en directo
    la sexta noticias
    la sexta salvados
    la sexta deportes
    la sexualidad
    la sexologa de piolin
    sex museum
    sex magick
    sex meme for him
    sex machine lyrics
    sex mod minecraft
    sex metal barbie lyrics
    sex minecraft server
    sex me back to sleep
    sex meme for wife
    sex medicine
    m sexy and i know it
    m sexy and i know it lyrics
    m sexpillguru
    sex negative feminism
    sex noises in the library
    sex negativity
    sex noises in walmart
    sex now that i have your attention
    sex names funny
    sex needs a new metaphor
    sex noise soundtrack
    sex number calculator
    sex nerd sandra podcast
    in sexually reproducing organisms why are there exactly
    in sex offender
    in sexually reproducing organisms what are the sources of variation
    in sex offender search
    n sexually molested
    n sexibl
    sex offender list
    sex on fire
    sex offender registry nj
    sex offender registry ma
    sex on fire lyrics
    sex offender shuffle
    sex offender registry sc
    o sexto sentido
    o sexualista 1975
    o sexto sentido filme
    o sexto dia
    o sexto sentido online
    o sexto sentido imdb
    o sexto sentido legendado online
    o sexto homem
    o sexto sentido legendado
    sex positive
    sex panther
    sex pills
    sex panther cologne
    sex poems for her
    sex pistols songs
    sex pistols anime
    sex pills for women
    sex positions to conceive
    p sexuality
    p sextius baculus
    sex questions
    sex quiz
    sex questions to ask
    sex questions to ask a girl
    sex question game
    sex quiz buzzfeed
    sex questionnaire
    sex questions for couples
    sex question memes
    q sexuality
    q sexuality desire
    q sexuality desire online
    q sexuality desire download
    q sexuality desire subtitle
    sex reassignment surgery
    sex ratio
    sex robot wkuk
    sex reassignment surgery female to male
    sex relationship goals
    sex roles
    sex registry
    sex ratio definition
    sex right before period
    sex room lyrics
    r sexton artist
    r sexpancakes
    r sexton prints
    r sexton the promise
    r sexp
    r sexsells
    r sexworkers
    sex songs
    sex sent me to the er
    sex symbol
    sex synonyms
    sex selfie stick
    sex sells
    sex sayings
    sex signs
    sex spells
    sex surveys
    sex therapy
    sex therapist dc
    sex trafficking in the united states
    sex type thing
    sex the 1975 lyrics
    sex tips for women
    sex texts
    sex tape trailer
    sex u back to sleep
    sex u back to sleep lyrics
    sex u back to sleep remix
    sex ultrasound
    sex u up
    sex u back to sleep download
    sex unicorn
    sex u back to sleep mp3
    sex uncomfortable while pregnant
    sex u lyrics
    u sexuality
    sex vs gender
    sex video games xbox one
    sex verb definition
    sex vs love quotes
    sex v gender sociology
    sex vs gender definition
    sex vitamins for male
    sex versus gender identity
    sex vs working out
    sex video games xbox 360 download
    sex with me lyrics
    sex wax
    sex while pregnant
    sex while sick
    sex would you rather questions
    sex while on period
    sex weights and protein shakes
    sex wax candle
    sex withdrawal
    sex with you quotes
    w sexton constructions
    sex xbox one games
    sex xbox one
    sex xm radio
    sex xylophone
    sex x linked dominant
    sex xy chromosomes
    sex xbox video
    sex xonix game download
    sex x linked recessive
    sex xbox video games
    x sexually abused reader
    sex you back to sleep chris brown
    sex you back to sleep lyrics
    sex you back to sleep remix
    sex you up
    sex you back to sleep download
    sex you lyrics
    sex you bando jonez
    sex yeah lyrics
    sex you back to sleep chris brown remix
    sex you back to sleep mp3
    sexualidad y genero
    sexualidad y adolescencia
    sex zodiac signs
    sex zodiac compatibility
    sex zodiac compatibility test
    sex zodiac signs tumblr
    sex zero gravity
    sex zodiac signs positions
    sex zero 2 english subtitle
    sex zodiac signs pictures
    sex zodiac chart
    sex zodiac meanings
    z sexuality
    sex 1975 lyrics
    sex 101 lyrics
    sex 1975 chords
    sex 1 week after abortion
    sex 1 week after d&c
    sex 1 day before period
    sex 1 day after period
    sex 10 days after period
    sex 1st trimester
    sex 1975 meaning
    1 sextillion
    1 sextillion dollars
    1 sextillion pengő
    1 sextrigintillion
    1 sexagintillion
    1 sextillion pennies
    1 sexton place wodonga
    1 sexiest woman in the world
    sexton 1 wot
    sex 2 days before period
    sex 2 days before ovulation
    sex 2 weeks after birth
    sex 2 weeks after abortion
    sex 2 weeks before period
    sex 2 days before ovulation gender
    sex 2 weeks after leep
    sex 2 days after positive opk
    sex 24 hours after ovulation
    sex 2 days before ovulation boy
    2 sextants
    2 sexually transmitted diseases
    2 sextillion
    2 sex and the city
    sex 3 weeks postpartum
    sex 3 weeks after c section
    sex 3 days before period
    sex 3 days before ovulation
    sex 3rd trimester
    sex 3 times a month
    sex 3 days after ovulation
    sex 3 times a day
    sex 3-4 days before ovulation
    sex 3 days before fertile window
    3 sexually transmitted diseases
    3 sexes
    3 sextillion
    3 sexton way key largo
    3 sexiest words
    3 sexually transmitted infections
    3 sex offender
    3 sexiest man in the world
    sex 4 weeks postpartum
    sex 4 days before ovulation
    sex 4 days before period
    sex 4 days after ovulation
    sex 4 weeks after hysterectomy
    sex 4 days before ovulation bfp
    sex 4 days after miscarriage
    sex 4 days before ovulation gender
    sex 4d ultrasound
    sex 4 times a month
    4 sexually transmitted diseases
    4 sextillion
    4 sex and the city characters
    4 sexes
    4 sexually transmitted infections
    4 sexiest man alive
    4 sex and the city
    sex 5 days before ovulation
    sex 5 days after ovulation
    sex 5 times a day
    sex 50 shades
    sex 5 weeks after hysterectomy
    sex 5 times a week
    sex 5 days after period
    sex 50 shades of grey movie
    sex 5 weeks pregnant
    sex 5 times in one night
    5 seconds of summer
    5 sexes
    5 second fix
    5 sextillion
    5 second rule
    5 sexually transmitted diseases
    5 second rule game
    5 seconds of summer songs
    5 seconds of summer tour
    5 sexually transmitted infections
    sex 6 weeks after hysterectomy
    sex 6 times a day
    sex 6 days before period
    sex 6 months after baby
    sex 64
    sex 6 days after c section
    sex 6 weeks after delivery
    sex 6 days after giving birth
    sex 6 hours after ovulation
    sex 6 weeks post hysterectomy
    6 sextillion
    6 sextillion tons
    6 sexually transmitted diseases
    6 sexiest female body parts
    6 sextillion 588 quintillion
    sex 7 days before ovulation
    sex 7 days after period
    sex 7 weeks postpartum
    sex 7 days in a row
    sex 7 months pregnant safe
    sex 7 days after chlamydia treatment
    sex 7 days after abortion
    sex 7 days after ovulation
    sex 7 weeks after hysterectomy
    sex 7 days after d&c
    7 sexes
    7 sextillion
    7 sexualities
    7 sexually transmitted diseases
    7 sexiest texting games
    7 sexiest movie
    7 seconds
    7 second challenge
    7 sexton road inglewood
    7 sexton ave castle hill
    sex 8 days before period
    sex 8 weeks postpartum
    sex 8 days before ovulation
    sex 8tracks
    sex 8 days after period
    sex 8 weeks after hysterectomy
    sex 8 times in one night
    sex 8 days after abortion
    sex 8 hours after ovulation
    sex 8 hours before ovulation
    8 seconds
    8 second ride
    8 second saloon
    8 seconds movie
    8 seconds full movie
    8 seconds cast
    8 seconds soundtrack
    8 sexiest bachelors of congress
    8 sexting
    8 second ride movie
    sex 9 days after c section
    sex 9 weeks postpartum
    sex 9n the beach drink
    sex 9 days after period
    sex 9 days after birth
    sex 9 days before period
    sex 9 days before period can i be pregnant
    sex 9 days before ovulation
    sex 9 weeks pregnant
    sex 9 days after period ended
    9 sexpectations vs reality
    9 sexiest female golfers
    9 sextillion
    9 expectation vs reality
    9 sexiest female pro cyclists
    9 sexiest flowers
    sex 10 days after c section
    sex 101 pdf
    sex 10 days after d&c
    sex 10 days after giving birth
    sex 10 days after abortion
    sex 10 days before period
    sex 10 days after miscarriage
    sex 10 hours after ovulation
    10 sexiest women
    10 sexiest
    10 sexiest music videos
    10 sexiest songs
    10 sexiest woman alive
    10 sextillion
    10 sexiest jobs
    10 sexiest tattoos
    10 sexiest actresses of all time
    10 sexiest female golfers
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    Dude, just because it has the word 'sex' in it, does not make it adult...
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    Southern California
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    loool i love the answers
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    ^ Some of these are eye-openers:

    i sexually identify as an attack helicopter
    i sexually identify as a meme
    i sexy and i know it

    i sexually assaulted someone
    i sexually identify as a potato
    i sexually identify as a tank

    sex 2 weeks after birth
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    Northern Woods Counting Money
    While it's true many of those keywords are not particularly well suited as "adult," some of them definitely lend themselves to nice abstracts or possible article content, and maybe they can get OPs head spinning a bit on how to find this information on their own.

    Scrapebox certainly comes to mind as a valid tool for use in generating the keywords here OP, and as others have suggested you are then able to use G keyword tool or other tools to actually determine estimated search volumes and possible traffic flows.

    Why do you want to know the most competitive keywords anyway OP? You're clearly not prepared to put in the backend work it would take to rank for those keywords, plus it's adult so even if you had the will to do the work - you simply don't have the resources to compete with actual adult marketing pros at that level. It would be best to look for a higher number of less competitive words, and start trying to rank for those. By building your skillset with this low-hanging fruit you can learn how to reach higher on the vine.

    Learn to walk a little here ...
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    sometimes you can find low hangin fruit keywords at reddit and wikipedia ...
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    In Jungle
    Most Searched Sex Phrases, Pornhub reveals On Google
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    porn ,sex and free porn videos