Help monitize my site PR6 6000 pageviews/day


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Sep 1, 2009
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I have a pretty big 10K page travel destination site that is PR 6 with a good 100K backlinks. I'm currently making about $800/month with it ($550 in adsense, $250 private advertising).

My CTR is really bad (.60%) and the template could use some work. The entire site is in php and the content is stored in a large database. I know nothing about php and very little about databases. Instead of putting in all the time to figure it out I think it would be easier to have someone else do it for me.

I was thinking about giving someone a month's worth of revenue over $800 to do the work. If you're interested please give me some examples of sites you own/have monetized (similar niche would be ideal) and their average income per 1000 impressions.