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    I'm good at seo, natural rankings, but recently started media buying to affiliate pages. I watched Ryan Deiss stuff.

    1. I made sandwich page to clickbank product : http://dog-bedience-training-now.com/

    I can't manage to take traffic to it. I mean, I tried google adwords for content (cheaper) and I got 0 visitors. Lot's of criterias: bad placement, bad relevance? bad ad.

    Would You tell from your experience how you buy advertisment places in websites or via PPC?

    2. If I find affiliate offers in cj.com - I can't choose one, because there are millions of them, how you do this?

    3. Is it better to have sandwich/bridge page between ad and offer/product or is it better to take traffic straight to offer/product?

    Thats for now,
    I need just simple advices. Don't overcomplicate this. I did :)