help me.

If you look up and slightly to the right, the is a menu item call "search" it has the magical ability to answer basic questions.

There is a seach box on the left. USE IT.
Then keep reading... Dont open up threads like this. There are plenty of threads with great info on autoblogging..

Dont reply to these posts after someone has stated to use the search feature.
Maybe someone could complain all the threads into 1
Aww man, you guys shouldn't of helped this guy shoulda let him sink or swim. If you are to lazy to use a search you don't deserve any IM money, im sorry. His next thread will be "will u guys find a niche for me". This is such a retarded thread asking for auto blog plug ins when there is a HUGE thread named "ultimate list of autoblog plug ins" right there when you search for it it even has the downloads right there so you dont even have to look for them!!! sorry to come off as an asshole as i am new and probably dont have much right to be yellin at people lol but i have been lurking (and using the search just fine) these kinds of posts are everywhere and its annoying
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