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Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by yuppy, May 23, 2008.

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    I plan to compile a list of ALL social BOOKMARK (read my other thread if you dont know difference) sites, like digg/delicious/etc. However. What I am going to do beyond simply compile it is I am going to figure out what TYPE of story works best there for traffic.

    Basically the value I will create for you guys to use is you will have RATED sites. This means, you will know how much traffic you can expect for a particular story/blogpost/etc over the course of about a week and immediately. You will know what site is best for your niche.

    I have someone who can help me with this stuff too. What do I need from you guys is a complete list of social bookmark type sites, which I can submit content to and then turn around and figure out how many hits are delivered from each source. I will be focusing on several different types of story. However, what I want help from you guys with is I want a list of all the bookmark sites.... everything from a sports-type bookmarking site to a news site to just a general bookmarking site.

    How this will benefit you? You will have a list of websites (bookmarks) and you will know EXACTLY how many hits they are capable of delivering. Most likely on many of them I will be able to get a front page story or 2 to see what happens if you get a really GREAT story. I am supremely confident with my ability to get a lot 'upvotes'

    Anyway. . . I need a list of social bookmarking sites from you guys...

    Also I will be able to tell you if they provide you will do follow or no follow links. I expect this project to take a while. I believe this project will take anyones non-spam site to the next level. (Spam cant work in social networking sites... with one exception....)

    I plan to release my list and information to the people who contribute to it a few weeks in advance before I release it to the general public (If I choose to release it to the gen pub.) This will be more useful than any shitty e-book(I doubt I put it in PDF Format) you have read in the past because it won't be empty rhetoric (aka poli-speak). It will be an advanced guide to social bookmarking. It will provide the detailed solution to the social bookmarking formula (maybe?). I want to teach you to learn the internet.

    I want any and all social bookmarking sites. I will then take these, toy around with them and figure out to get solid traffic from them.... that is, if it is possible (obviously the more obscure ones will have less traffic anyway)

    I currently have a list of over 170 links to social bookmarking sites.:eek:

    This will take me the at least a month. Please PM me with additional links or if you happen to own your own 'link' or 'social bookmark' site and want me to include it in the list.

    I plan to include information as to what the bookmarking site is good for and what it is piss poor for as well.

    I plan to cap it around 400 sites.

    Oh and if you want to know what I get out of this? I get the same list you get, plus my buddy and I will get the traffic and will have established accounts before you fuckers spam the shit out of them. ;-p

    So you guys know what to do... post your links or pm them to me. I'll review, figure out how to get them submitted, how much traffic you can possibly get with a good post, how much you get with a bad post and how to make the 'front page', do follow info, etc etc etc....
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    9rules - Validate & share links to content.
    All your words - Associate & share words with links.
    Blinkist - Social bookmarking.
    Blogmarks - Social bookmarking.
    Blummy - Manage your bookmarks.
    Bmaccess - Social bookmarking with thumbs.
    Buddy marks - Social bookmarking.
    Butterfly~ - Bookmark & annotate.
    Chuquet* - Find buzzes.
    Clipmarks - Social clipping.
    Common Times - Social bookmarking & clippings.
    Connotea - Social bookmarking (for reseacrhers).
    Delicious* - Social bookmarking.
    Digg* - Social bookmarking.
    Diigo - Social bookmarking on steroids.
    Dogear - Social bookmarking.
    Feed marker - Social bookmarking for news.
    Furl - Clip, store & share web pages.
    Hyperlinkomatic - Social bookmarking.
    Icio - Social bookmarking & rating.
    Jeteye - Clip & share (parts of) web pages.
    Listible - Folksonomied software & code search.
    List Mixer - Social bookmarking (temporary links).
    Live Marks - Live update of Delicious.
    Look later - Private bookmarking.
    Lookmarks - Social bookmarking.
    Magnolia - Social bookmarking & voting.
    Mylinkvault - Social bookmarking.
    Onlywire - Social bookmarking aggregator.
    Philoi - Social bookmarking.
    Qoosa - Social bookmarking.
    Searchfox - Social bookmarking.
    Shadows - Social bookmarking.
    Simpy - Social bookmarking, tagging & search.
    Socialmarks - Social bookmarking.
    Spinspy - Social bookmarking & ranking.
    Spurl - Social - Bookmarking & search.
    Startaid - Manage & share your (thumb) bookmarks.
    Stumble Upon - Social bookmarking (random sharing).
    Surftail - Share your click paths.
    Taggle - Social bookmarking, tagged (German).
    Tagtooga - Social bookmarking.
    Tendango - Top 10 social bookmarking. - Displays thumbs of most pupular sites.
    Yahoo Myweb2 - Social bookmarking.
    Yoono - Save your bookmarks and manage your feeds -
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    anyone got an invite? dont worry I wont be spamming it. I jsut want to experiment with it. ;-p

    ive found a few that are exploitable. A SHIT TON of these provide Do-Follow Links......
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    This sounds like a wonderful project that will greatly benefit many people. I'll always help w/ the voting!
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    This link posted in a previous thread. It has a huge list of Web 2.0 sites.