HELP me with ideas to KEEP him at this JOB

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    Hey guys.

    I make money with variety of methods but almost all of them are linked to different sorts of skills, which I outsource to qualified people. But I have an in-house employee here in Sri Lanka, for which I have a maintenance cost of $200 per month. Problem is, he doesn't have any special skill, not even good english. But he could use good common sense, for example, I trained him to get a niche targeted list of facebook pages that has no welcome tab.

    I didnt speak to the guy about Im having very little use keeping him, and the reality is, he ikes to be tied into the computer and do something to do with computers. Im in Sri Lanka and in this part of the world, people do not get paid much if he chooses to move elsewhere.

    Can you guys offer me some advice of monetizing this?

    Now, some people would just step in and say that I have no common sense on how to make the most of him, but the reality is far more different. The work you get from the 1st world (or I would say, employees you find there) is a lot more different than that we find here. For example, you could give a lead list and ask them to email and make calls, but here, you could just ask to email but that is also with providing the EXACT email to send with a couple replacements here and there for the "name" and niche".

    ** Training them to SENuke, Xrumer, Scrapebox wouldn't also work well since they are not even good at writing spintax (English problem again.)

    I would like to hear your thoughts.