Help me with a webinar contest idea please.

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    I will have a hot model to host a live Contest webinar. Demographics are mostly males 21-45, nothing else in common between them. I plan to promote the webinar using facebook and youtube. I want to create a "viral word of mouth" marketing effect. I want to let everyone know that one lucky viewer that attends the webinar will get a prize worth $50 dollars which will be decided at the end of the webinar.

    I want to get the most bang for the buck. Meaning I want to provide a prize that everyone would love to have. A prize that will compel them to join the webinar to try to win the prize. I don't mind mailing the prize to the lucky winner if necessary.

    And finally I am trying to figure out how I should arrange the contest? Lets say I have 100 viewers in the webinar. Should I have everyone play some sort of interactive game, and the viewer with the most points at the end wins? I mean I could just have all the names in a bin, and the model picks one of the names from the bin, and that person wins but I wanted to make a game maybe lasting 30-60 mins. If you have any ideas on this to, it would be appreciated as well!

    So just to recap here are my 2 questions:

    What should I give away worth $50 or less to compel people to attend the webinar contest?

    What type of game / contest should I play with the 100 viewers to make it fun and interesting? The game can last 30-60 minutes and must be somewhat organized.

    Any and all help is APPRECIATED!!!