Help me to recover my 4-5 months old deleted e-mail / YAHOO or Hotmail


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Sep 16, 2013
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As the title says I deleted one same mail by accident in my two different accounts Hotmail/Yahoo. I really need help to recover it. I have already tried to use EaseUS and scanned my C: folder but I cannot find it there. I also just sent a message via mail recover form at yahoo but there is mentioned that e-mails deleted more than 6 days cannot be retrieved. I also tried the Recover Deleted Items From Server option at hotmail and yahoo but still nothing. I think I have ready somewhere that the mail can be stored in browser history and to get the info from the cash memory there. I just need the mail and if possible the contact from which I got the mail. If you know any trick please let me know cause this is really big problem for me cause the mail is for work in another country. Thank you all! p.s MODS please move this thread to the right section if need.