Help me to keep my job and i will protect your affiliate accounts.

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    Yes i have chosen this option through which I'm trying to find the appropriate affiliates who are able to promote this website because it is crucial for me to keep this job.
    Although we have worked with companies like ClickBooth and ClixGalore, the results were not the expected ones and the website had to be sold.
    The new owners are not happy with the actual results so I must try this out in order to be able to reach my target.
    The latest method that has been applied and has been successful is email marketing, but we all know that the main issue here is the inbox rate :) .
    The guy who's promoting us through email marketing right now has been apart of this community for a long time.

    I will get straight to the point.No matter what your method is, I assure your account will not be disabled.

    For protecting the website i will put a short url :
    Affiliate Programs Details :
    Base commission: $10
    Commission type: CPS, CPL
    Payment method: Check, Direct  Deposit,PayPal
    Payment frequency: Every 2 Weeks
    Cookie tracking: Lifetime
    Realtime statistics: Yes
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