Help me snag this contract by charging less than competing SEO company

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    Hope everyone is doing well. I would like to get some input on this. Long story short, a friend of a friend owns a few franchise restaurants. They are late in the IM/social media game and finally decided to market their restaurants online. The standard marketing company that they currently deal with gave them the following quotes. Keep in mind I'm copying this directly from their proposal.

    Look, I understand you quote whatever you think your client is willing to pay but this seems a little extreme no?

    FYI, They were ready to sign but wanted my input first on the quotes.

    I really want to try to convince the restaurant owner that I can take on this contract at half the price. I am planning to outsource.

    9,800$ for a microsite?!?!?!?:confused:

    4,250$ for "social media research"?

    Given this information, what would be some good points I can make to win him over?

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    just tell them you DONT have to hire that TOP seo company because you can do this.

    Tell em your expert at this.
    And that they are quoting way too much, you know how to get this work done in half the price
    You can convince them.

    Btw most of the established SEO companies would quote the same to a client who's new to this.

    Only get into this if you know what your doing.
    You'l mess things up for both of you'll.

    Than dont come to BHW saying i just got a client, how should i start with the work?

    Good luck.
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    whoa. to justify that kind of price they must've a killer proposal to explain and persuade the client. do you have the whole proposal?
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    I 100% Agree SahL.

    I will also add that you don't mess this up because if you do then your friendship will take the hit.

    Give him a fair price and cut out the fluff. Tell him why some of these things are needed and how you can get more exposure using the same or different channels for less with a better ROI.

    Example a facebook contest or a viral campaign featuring their company.
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    All I have to say is the person who put that proposal together has no idea what is going on. If someone wanted me to pay them that much money and couldn't use spell check and get their grammer in order then I would not give them a cent.

    As mentioned here if you can't do the job don't take it on you will end up costing your friend of a friend even more.
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    Price doesn't close deals, trust does. The fact that a competing company's proposal landed on your desk should tell you something about the level of trust between them and their prospect. Why reduce the price so drastically? If price is the only point you can be competitive on then you're in for an unpleasant surprise down the line.

    I don't doubt you'll have 50 people here tell you to drop your pants to seal the deal. But consider this: Forget that. Meet with this prospect and educate them on why this proposal is not in their company's best interest. Show them a superior strategy at a competitive rate (not a blowout price) - but above that, concentrate on getting them excited about the end result; more PROFIT. You'll find that most of your prospects go cold when you start to fill their head with details and lists and charts and projections blah blah blah. Stick to the hot button - MONEY, and more of it.

    Your competitor dropped the ball the second they decided to commoditize their services. An itemized breakdown like this is ammunition for the savvy salesperson. Take advantage of it, show value, and gain their trust - then you can clip a few hundred bucks off your quote and look like a hero for doing so. :)
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    If I was a business owner who was savvy in this field like we are at BHW and received a quote like this, I would be so pissed off. I think there is way too much fluffing-up of the interpreted importance of the services, which then allows them to make the prices way higher than needed.

    For example:
    "Site architecture, pages ergonomics, wireframes"
    It's all the same damn thing, but now it looks like they're doing 3 times the work. I mean, $9800 for a microsite? I think I would faint if I saw that.

    For comparison, I manage an e-commerce site for a guy in NY and he told me the company he hired (and they are very professional, with dozens of active clients) charged him about $7000 and that included setting up an entire online store with thousands of products, creating tons of photos, etc. I understand this microsite is deployed in two languages, but still...

    I think you should definitely sit down and talk with him in a helping manner about which of these things he does and doesn't need, or how they can be consolidated. While you talk to him about which items are and aren't necessary and how the necessary ones will help his business, I wouldn't even mention money. He wants advice, so give him advice on the services YOU think he needs. Don't just go in there and say, "Jeez man this is WAY too much money, work with me and I'll hook you up."

    I would only mention money subtly or at the end after you go over a strategy.

    I've always been a fan of uptalking your own product or expertise rather than bashing someone else's. Don't go and say, "Wow this company is stupid and is trying to pull one on you." That makes you look bad and disrespectful to competition. Just remember to be a helpful, friendly consultant and tell him what's best for his business. Get to prices later.
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    Thank you all for your replies, it's refreshing to read. Ive already burned a few leads because of nervousness and lack of organization. I was never the spokesmen type. I choke up in presentations. Its getting better though. Practice makes perfect. Once again, thank you all. I'll defintly use all the advice in this thread and let you know if i manage to get this contract. meeting is in 2 days.

    I agree with you 100%, I wasn't planning on going in with the "its way too much money". rant, But a few years back i would have gone in that route. My way of thinking as changed since. I know there was fluffing up but i have nothing to compare too, so I wasn't sure how over exaggerated it actually was in comparison to other companies. btw check his out, they call it "community management". I hate to destroy this companies proposal but man, Explain how the hell this justifies 11k of work?!

    I didn't see it from that angle, I will re evaluate the price but I still want to be fair as it hits a little close to home. Excellent advice, thank you.

    I actually have it all! the timeline as well. If I'm not mistaken its a 5 week campaign. Here is the timeline

    1)[name of restaurant] Digital Campaign
    2) Start
    3) Microsite Development
    4) Architecture and page ergonomics
    5) Wireframe
    6) Layout approval
    7) Final page design
    8) coding and content integration
    9) QC English version
    10) English version approval
    11) Translation and deployment online
    12) Final QC
    13) VideoPrep
    14) VideoShoot
    15) VideosReady
    16) Video Pre-Launch
    17) Complete social network research and keyword search and key influencer mapping, define markets
    18) Preparation and familiarization with subject matter on Social networks
    19) Createaccounts,emailaddresses,etc.
    20) Designfacebooklaunchevent
    21) 22) PRcampaign:createshortversionanddisseminate
    23) Finalizelaunchplan
    24) Video 1 Launch
    25) Distribute videos on chosen networks, forums, etc.
    26) Initiate cost per view/click campaignCPV, CPC)
    27) Facebook: contact video extras on Facebook, and ensure they ?like? the clip
    28) Integrate link to video and initiate discussions on forums, blogs, etc.
    29) Integrate links to videos as footer on all email correspondence (employees, friends, etc.)
    30) Video 1 Post-Launch
    31) Community management
    32) Scan the chosen blogs, forums
    33) Refreshdiscussionthreads 34) Tagoptimization
    35) Mediabuyoptimisation
    36) End

    I agree, thank you
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    Affiliate Marketer

    Say you will provide.

    • Targetted campaigns (keyword research) Cost Free - TIme 4 hours
    • WEB2.0 exposure (free blogs on Wordpress, Blog and maybe a Squidoo lens) Cost Free Time 4 hours
    • Video presence on the net (Go to animoto) pay $5, then use snippet tool, google image search and a basic image manipulation program to get together a decent 45 second video) Cost $5 Time 4 Hours
    • 3-5 microsites on different hosts. (buy three hosting accounts at different sites that allow multiple site hosting. Buy 3 domain names on this companies behalf and put up a WP site on each. Use the rest of the acocunts for your own other words this guiy will be paying for YOUR hosting in the long run - (as long as you buy packages that allow multiple web sites)Cost $200 - Time 2 Days
    • Facebook and twitter (facebook update once a week, plug twitter into tweetbuddy) buy the bigger tweetbuddy package and support your own sites with the other acocunts Cost $19 a month - $228 per annum Time 30 minutes a week
    • Article writing and submission to top 5 article sites. Cost Free - Time 3 hours
    • RSS Submission of everything that can be RSS submitted (Use Bulkping) Cost Free - Time 10 minutes
    • Directory Submission (get a directory submit tool from this site - DS is a brilliant thing - but every client expects it) Cost $50 max Time 20 minutes

    So for under $500 you charge the client a minimum $5000 ($5000 he should bite your hand off with that price).

    You could push for closer to $7,500 with this package. and make between $3500 and $7000 for about a weeks work.

    You also have got enough hosting for all you websites, some free twitter account management and are well on the way to getting a good rep.

    With the hosting and the tweet buddy on board, do your own research and set up networks of your own sites - with most of the cost paid for by your client.

    Or use the same hosting accounts for your next client and almost half the ongoing costs.

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