Help me out with Cloacking...

Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by euroman, Feb 26, 2008.

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    Ok, I know that most of you are pros here and know what you are doing...
    Ive been here for about 2 months and learnd alot of stuff...
    Came up with great ideas and testing them now...

    But I have never been in this section, so I thounght I'll give it a shot and ask a fiew questions about Cloaking...

    1) Can you tell me what is cloacking and what you do with that?

    2) Iv read that it is possible to mask fake traffic you send to cpa, etc. with cloacking? How can you do that?

    3) Any tips and tricks to learn this stuff?

    I am interested in everything and as Ive said before I learned soo much from BHW that words cant express how thankfull I am to be here...

    THANKS... :D
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    hey there euroman,

    In short, Cloaking, or IP Delivery, is simply delivering information based on the visitor's IP address. What this normally means is, when you are cloaking your pages, you want the search engines spider bots to see a ton of content rich pages, while normal visitors see something completely different.

    This is a common tactic for black hatters after the complete monetization of AdSense sites (like myself). I want the search engines to see a ton of pages with relevant content on specific criteria, while human visitors see advertisements, clicks on them, and make me some money :D

    You can use it other ways however. For example, if you have a website that is built completely in flash. The SE's spider bots cant read any of the content on your site, so you cloak it and deliver content they CAN read. They index your site and rank it highly based on this, while human visitors are taken to your flash site.

    Cloaking/IP Delivery is against search engine guidelines however, so you are taking a risk with it. Your site can be banned for this kinda thing, so get crafty and don't get caught!

    There is a wealth of knowledge online about how to cloak pages. Many people right here from BHW can assist you with this if you have questions. Browse around this forum and you'll find what you are looking for.

    Hope this helped you out.
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    I'm newbie in Cloaking technique, anyway thanks for explanation :D
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    Did u want to know how to cloak your affiliate links so they are not so long ? and you get more clicks ? if thats what your looking for then try this out

    Also if you want to list any of your urls, or sites you know then try

    If you were talking about cloaking your site for a higher index then the post above is solid. If you want to know the insides and outs of how to apply it to your site hit me a pm and i will walk you through it depending on the script your using.