Help Me Out ... Career Advice to do with these things?

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    Hi there all fellow BHW'ers, My name is Jon Johnson, I am 19 years old, almost 20 and I am currently a student studying at a local University here in Vancouver BC Canada! WOOHOO :p

    Anyways, well, theres the short intro, and for any of you who are still like "BS... this kid is "hide-refer'ing" his real name... I beg to differ hahaha!

    Alrighty, so the main thing I am writing this post about is because after being a long time reader, researching various methods, picking up a vast amount of knowledge about things like SEO tips and tricks, methods of increasing traffic to various sites, building sites and using PPA/PPC/Affiliate plans in order to generate income and then upscaling everything up etc. etc. etc. I could go on for days attempting to include all of the fresh information and methods, and all of the basics to do with each topic.

    In summation, these things after looking into the whole world of Internet Marketing and Money Making have really opened my eyes up to how interesting it seems to me. I have always been good with computers, and was introduced to them at quite a young age. I got introduced with HTML and other things to do with basic coding young as well so it naturally flows within me I guess you could say; however, I am sure I wouldn't want to become a webpage buildsite designer, but more-so maybe the marketing side of it. Advertising, buying/selling domains etc.

    Well, hopefully you all took the time and weren't intimidated by all of the text, and actually read everything I have had to say up until this point since it is truly the background info to my question here:

    What sort of Careers and Career Paths could be offered, or would have the roles that I mentioned, like internet marketing and the other things I mentioned that I enjoy such as SEO and Monetizing Traffic into ROI????

    It would be a bit of a hassle I am guessing since I am about to finish my second year here at school under a Psych program... which I am also heavily interested in but this really just hit me hard right now that I seem to be very interested in this BHW sort of stuff, and I definitely have more of the computer oriented background that becoming an Academic Counselor (even though like I said that is my goal as of yet).

    Perhaps this should just remain a hobby which I am really interested in and can help generate me nice income (over-time of course) on the side while I am going to school???

    So yeah, the questions I was looking to have opinions or answers about was what sort of careers could be offered involving the fields I described.

    Also feel free to voice your opinion about what I have written about to do with the fact that I am already 2 years into school, would it be worth it to completely switch my career over, or just keep this semi-full scale on the side. Please address any other comments or suggestions that you have, feedback is a great thing :)

    Thanks for reading all, I put a good amount of time writing this out and I am doing this right after finishing a 2500 word Reasearch Essay for my english class so bear with me if there's any problems lol... I'm dead tired as it's 2am and I have worked on it all day!

    It's Sleeping Time WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! :D

    Night all! Looking towards some great replies!

    ~ JJ (Demoncrest)

    PS: Shit just checked and this is a 600+ word post lmao... I really need to contain the excitement next time lmao.
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    Hi Jon,

    I don't really have an answer for your career question.However, I would think that your psych classes would help you in IM. IE- what makes a buyer for products tick or what makes a person click. Use that to your advantage.:)

    And welcome to BHW!
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    I'm not quite sure what you are asking, but this is what I think you are asking.

    Should I switch majors to accommodate a carrer in IM?

    My answer is no, get your degree. If you want to learn about computers take some electives. Grab a book on PHP, read various forums and make heavy use of google.

    If you have already invested 2 years into a school to switch up your major would cost money that you could just spend on a set up and trial and error in IM.

    Up to you in the end man, but I'd be willing to wager 90% of the people here did not major in anything to do with Internet Marketing or computers and they are making good money just from giving it a go figuring out what works and scaling the method.