Help me monetize my first client My Mom =p

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by YousB, May 19, 2013.

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    Well actually not my first client but for this sort of work I guess so. My mom has been managing a Facebook page of hers that has cooking tutorials and videos all made by her. Over the 2 years she has had it I has accumulated 600 natural high quality likes. I would like to take this business to the next level with a Pinterest, Website, and eBook.

    I've already started advertising the fan page and it's bringing in more steady likes. But she is not exactly selling anything yet, we might decide to make an eBook. But I want to know what ways I should use to monetize through blogging/Pinterest.

    I am capable of making a decent site and have a small bit of experience with Pinterest, but what would be the best way to go about monetizing. I am currently 17 years old just getting into business I have a few of my own private ventures paying me well but I want to help my mom out because this is a great hobby of hers and she deserves to make some money out of it.

    All replies and helpful insight are greatly appreciated.
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    tell her u wont eat until she pays you or something like that !
    PS - will only work for mom
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    Thx and rep+ given for being a cool kid to your mom. Look for something that goes really well with what she does on the page and become and affiliate for it. Then every few days throw a product at the people and see what happens. Since you are new and there is no rush this will be a perfect little tester for you to see how these things go. Best of luck and dont charge her!!
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    I'm afraid to tell you the truth: There is close to non money in cooking recipes & tutorials websites.

    You could put on AdSense, and you would get less than 1% CTR and a really low CPC.

    EDIT: Sorry didnt read.. You only have a FB site.. Sorry you will have a really hard time getting any money out of those people!

    You have hit the worst niche to moneytise ever!

    On topic: Keep being active on the social medias and accumulate likes. I would not set my hopes high, because you will not earn much on that hobby of hers :) That said if you get to 100k likes, you can always earn a few pennies.

    Good luck.