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Help me make a donation!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by berrycorp, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. berrycorp

    berrycorp Guest


    this forum has helped me earn so so so much!! i actually owe 70% of my sucess to this forum!!

    anyways.. to make it short.. m just sold off my site.. i am getting $125k n i plan doing some stuff i always wanted to do :)

    well as a kid i always promised i'll give 5% of my income to save the envoirment.. frankly i never got the guts to give up so much money.. but this time m gonna do it!!

    tell me the best place to give my donation money too!! its not that huge a amount but m gonna take this seriously...

    any suggestions?

    and all the credit for the money goes to nick-flame! m his follower...! i'll be getting a jr-vip membership too... time to give back to bhw too :D
  2. berrycorp

    berrycorp Guest

    i was thinking on greenpeace.... any other suggestions??
  3. genie1

    genie1 Junior Member

    May 30, 2008
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    I am very sceptical how organizations use our donations so I tend not to give very often. It ticks me off to see companies like United Way flying their jumbo jets around paid for by your donations. If you care about the environment why not use that money to improve as many aspects of your daily life to help give back ? At least you know it's going to good use. Something as simple as making your home ''green'' will help, and you can enjoy the results as well (not to mention government grants to do it :D).

    On a side note though, greenpeace is a good organization. I was a long time friend of one of the founders, Bob Hunter, who passed away not too long ago. That guy had balls of steel, and really stood up for what he believed in. His family would appreciate any or all of your donations...

  4. berrycorp

    berrycorp Guest

    any other organization that u think is worth the money m giving them? other than green peace... because as i see they have excess funds already!!
  5. scubaslick

    scubaslick Regular Member

    Aug 23, 2007
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    Blackhat world itself saves lots of trees. And kittens. And even three toed sloths and glaciers by not wasting paper.

    I'd say drop about $1000 on Diamond Dave to help with the bills around this place since it did you so much good.

    The rest I'd donate to a LOCAL group that does environmental projects. Not sure where you live but in the US maybe a wetlands preservation group or a non-profit oceanic research organization.

    Most big name organizations (like greenepeace) have tremendous budgets for advertising, executive salaries and recruiting. Unfortunately most of your donation would only go to getting more donations, not to doing actual good for the environment.

    To stay green, stay small.

    My $.02
  6. Prideoflion

    Prideoflion Registered Member Premium Member

    Jun 30, 2008
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    The Magical Land Of Texas
    I Would Say Donate As Much As Possible To The "Prideoflion" Fund :p

    But Seriously, I Think You Should Donate To A Cause That You Are Passionate About.

    'Cause We Can Give You The Names Of As Many Organizations As You Could Possibly Want, But You're The One That Giving.

    Find Something That Appeals To You ;)
  7. matapples01

    matapples01 Regular Member

    May 15, 2008
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    You should check out kiva.org. I have heard good things about it. Instead of a donation, you could make an investment in others with your entrepreneurial drive. Because it's a loan, you can just keep "donating". Alright, now that I sound like the spokesperson for kiva, I'll close the post.
  8. DrJekyll

    DrJekyll Senior Member Premium Member

    Aug 2, 2007
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    1-9 for your Keyword goodluck
    I say invest in solar or wind power for your own house, that way you have the power and example to influence others to do the same, something a simple donation can never do
  9. themagician

    themagician Regular Member

    Mar 25, 2008
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    Brit in Thailand

    '...this forum has helped me earn so so so much!! i actually owe 70% of my sucess to this forum!!'

    Seems like a no-brainer to me. If what you got from this forum resulted in 70% of your success, then some of that love (Hard cash) has got to come back here.

    Ever heard of, 'What Goes Around Comes Around?...lol

  10. berrycorp

    berrycorp Guest

    i got some pretty good ideas here... i will be contributing financially to this place more... no doubts on that...

    n thanks for the tips.. i wanted what i give to really make a difference...!

    i dint wanna give in the kinda organizations like rotract in which all guys and girls joined to check out the opposite sex! n have no interest in what they r really doing!!

    i guess i'll have to do a bit of research myself n figure out the organization that really works to make a difference!

    thanks a LOT for this amazing place that u made to everybody! love this place!
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  11. luizeba

    luizeba Regular Member

    Dec 24, 2008
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